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LA Weekly Detour Festival Revisited

by Alethea (writer), Los Angeles, October 10, 2006


If you didn't attend the 1st Annual LA Weekly Detour Music Festival this past Saturday, you did indeed miss out.

Gates opened at 2pm and the music played on until about 11pm. A total of four stages were set up among the blocked off streets allowing one to wander around as one pleased. Aside from the music stages, a variety of vendors lined up along the streets which included everything from food to clothes to music.

Considering there were a multitude of bands one could choose from, it was a bit difficult to decide who to see. My lineup began with Blackalicious leading to Blonde Redhead, Peeping Tom, Beck and last but not least Queens of the Stone Age. It was fairly easy to work your way close enough to the stage to get a close glimpse of your favorite musician whether you squirmed your way up to the front or just waited while they set up.

The vibe flowing through the air was electric and the music was amazing. All the musicians were upbeat and delivering incredible performances ranging from Beck's musical puppetry to Peeping Tom's beat-boxing. Although there were a few minor scheduling mix-ups, most of the show ran flawlessly.

The festival was definitely a success, and is sure to become a favored annual Angeleno event.

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