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Tango Five Seven

by Paul Anthony (writer), Cumbria, United Kingdom, December 19, 2013

A poem based on the true events of a road traffic accident some years ago...

Tango Five Seven

~ ~ ~

A siren screaming and a blue light flashing,

Through the ‘Lakes’ a motor bike dashing.

A gear, a lean and a handful of throttle,

Carving through traffic with skill and bottle.

A radio blaring in a wintry windy ear,

Telling what was waiting, knowing what to fear.

And there was the smash! Straight through the wall!

And Tango Five Seven had answered the call.

Broken bodies, broken limbs.

Unconscious twinkling, brain that dims.

Battered, bruised, bewildered man,

Searching for survivors, the river ran.

Wading in the water deep,

Holding close, her warmth to keep.

Bleeding blood, deep red upon me.

The Lord’s call proving way beyond me.

A kiss of life,

For someone’s wife.

Respiration…. Deep frustration.

And so to hold her as she slipped away,

That angel face, with eyes so grey.

And silky soft, her hair reclining,

But I could not stop her soul declining.

I pumped the heart, as you would friend.

Yet my hands were naught, she would not mend.

‘Come in Tango Five Seven!’

I heard, I sighed, I cried….I replied.

‘Tango Five Seven,

Angel in heaven!’


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