Thursday, September 20, 2018

Whose Birthday Is It, Anyway?

Credit: . A UMNS graphic by Doyle Burbank-Williams
Whose birthday, is it, anyway?

This is one of the most heart warming paintings of Christ in the manger with a kneeling Sanata.

Whose birthday is it, anyway?” is the Christmas question asked by Alternatives for Simple Living, an advocacy group that favors simple living as an antidote to societal ills such as credit cards, personal debt, shopping malls, big SUVs, depleting the earth’s resources, and not spending time with family.

This next image entitled “Every Knee Shall Bow” Philippians 2:10 is by Gaye Frances Willard. I like this one even better. She captures on Santa's face is intriguing because it expresses a combination of personal humility and revereance for the infant Jesus with a touch of pain. Perhaps it is the pain of knowing that his traditions often userp people's focus off of Christ's birth.

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