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Interview with Ron Kirk, Author of Thy Will Be Done

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Thy Will Be Done by Ronald Kirk was released in October from Nordskog Publishing.

Interview with Ronald Kirk, author of the Christian living book, Thy Will Be Done, released by Nordskog Publishing.

Jesus Christ graced Ron with salvation late in his college career at the University of California, Berkeley, graduating in 1974. In entering his first church ministry, a lack of a Biblical material on education led him to the Christian History Movement and the works of R.J. Rushdoony. Since 1980, Ron has studied and taught the Biblically and historically identified applied-faith theology and philosophy outlined in this book.

God gave Ron a voracious appetite for learning about everything. Ron studied math and physics in college, and then pursued professional landscape architecture—design is a central component to his calling. He gained a passion for education after finding that a full-orbed Biblical treatment of education was nowhere to be found in contemporary literature.

Ever since about 1977, Ron devoted his life to understand God’s earthly and eternal purposes for mankind, to help others know them, and to derive and spread a thoroughly Biblical system of education aimed toward God’s ends for His people.

Ron’s success in pioneering day and home schools has long proven the effectiveness of systematic Biblical thinking. His work has been published internationally and translated into Spanish. Gloriously married since 1971, Ron and Christina have five children, five more sons- and daughters-in-law, and eleven grandchildren, all walking with Christ. American Heritage Christian Church ordained Ron in 1984.

Welcome Ron. We are excited to have you here. How long have you been writing?

Since college I have tried to write with a bit of style. Most of my writing has been in the form of curriculum development and teacher training. I began writing for public consumption in 2001 for Chalcedon Foundation’s Faith for All of Life magazine and for various blogs.

Are you a morning or an evening writer?

Thy Will Be Done grew in cracks and crevices of leisure time I could eke out, and that could happen almost any time. Still, I prefer writing fresh—first thing in the morning. It seems my brightest time, after I have found a cup of good black tea.

Who is your greatest source of inspiration?

Though the answer may sound trite, my reigning motive for the past 40 years has been the glory of God and His Son. My passion is to seek God’s ways for me and my fellows on His terms. Everything belongs to God and He is worthy of our lifelong investment in his kingdom.

Added to that are legions of great men and women of faith. These came largely out of the parallel Christian History and Biblical worldview movements.

Do you have a favorite author?

It’s hard to choose. I guess my most read author is Rousas J. Rushdoony. But I have gained tremendous inspiration from many authors of many genres—from Shakespeare, Milton, Longfellow and C.S. Lewis, to historian John Lord and U.S. founding father James Madison, even Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Tell us about your latest book. What is it about and what inspired you to write it?

My writing grew directly out of a passion for learning and teaching. Intensive curriculum development in every school subject and grade over about 22 years led finally to sharing what I have learned in magazine articles. My first published work came through Chalcedon Foundation’s Faith for All of Life magazine and various online essays, beginning in 2002.

In a conversation in early 2008, I complained to my publisher and friend Jerry Nordskog I knew of no one who had written an imaginative, expansive, and engaging description of the world when the Father answered Jesus’ prayer—Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Jerry answered, “Well, I think you should write it then.” Over the next five years, I did.

Who is this book written for and have you always written for this market?

This book is written to the serious Biblical Christian of all kinds, and especially to those who realize that our society—just laws and liberty, people living in peace and generosity toward each other—are necessary foundations to the Great Commission.

What is different about your book compared to other books out on the market?

Although there are many books on Christian expressions in history, and even of Biblical worldview, I know of no book such as this that combines the inspiration of Biblical thinking with such simple but rigorous demonstration of it. I know of no other book that attempts such an expansive Gospel and Kingdom vision, applied to so many particulars, coupled with a systematic educational component.

What was the most challenging part of writing this book? The most rewarding?

The most difficult part of writing such a comprehensive book is making it engaging, accessible and readable. Its subjects sometimes required brief technical explanations. I believe my long efforts to be an inspiring teacher gave me some insight into how to do these things. The book is multi-layered and multi-faceted with something for everyone, I hope.

What do you hope readers will learn from your book?

In the last two hundred years or so, Christianity has suffered increasingly from a severely shriveled vision for this life. We have settled for holding out for eternity until we die or are raptured. Church leaders have told believers not to get involved in the world except merely to get people saved because it belongs to Satan. We have been very pessimistic regarding the power of God so often revealed in His Word.

On the other hand, the mainstream of the historic faith, reflecting the whole counsel of Scripture, speaks of redemption in the world “as far the curse is found”! At the least the church has been somewhat derelict of the foundations that support the Gospel work, namely a prosperous economy with generosity, and civil justice and liberty. Jesus bought back the world on the cross. While there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, I believe it is time to return to the big view of the Gospel where the government is on His shoulder, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit is successful.

Therefore, I hope the reader will take away a sense of individual purpose and vision for a heroic Gospel life, along with some fundamental educational tools for living it in reality.

Where can readers purchase a copy of your book?

Purchase Thy Will Be Done at the Nordskog Publishing website or at Amazon. Or support your local Christian book—ask for it there.

Do you have a website and/or blog where readers can find out more about you and your work?

My educational and worldview ministry website is We’re on Facebook at

What is up next for you?

My wife, Christina, and I are now staff members with New Hope Uganda Ministries.

Thy Will Be Done comes at the time of another culmination of my life’s work in applied Biblical thinking, action, and education. For over 25 years New Hope Uganda has brought the fatherhood of God to orphans and others (Ps 68:5-6). They rebuild families through full-orbed, effective education in Biblical manhood and womanhood, accomplished in part using my educational system. According to Jay and Vickie Dangers of New Hope Uganda, “Through what you have imparted to us, your lives have touched thousands of people on at least four continents, probably five, and the ripple effect is continuing.”

Upon New Hope’s long success, God has now set in motion a truly educational national movement. With guidance and support of eminent Ugandan educators and other Christian leaders, NHU’s new Master’s Institute for Education holds tremendous promise to redeem Ugandan culture and society for Christ, taking NHU’s success to the nation and beyond. My wife Christina and I seek to contribute through providing teacher training in Uganda, and through curriculum and textbook development from the U.S.

The powerful message found in Thy Will Be Done applied to education thus promises to redeem a needy country for Christ with implications for many other nations, including, we hope, our own USA.

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