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Yes...You Hold The Distinction

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), December 12, 2013

It is about an outrageous hypocrisy over the issues like domestic violence and marital discord.Are we not overzealous with presumptuous assessment about such people?

In the mindless orgy of our contradictions we try to exist as saint. As the one; the most enlightened….As the one, who is just an ordinary human being but trying to play with the cosmetic tools of high moral ground…traditions, customs…and what not…The macabre display of the audacity is so visible in every part of our day to day life… Amazing are the rules of the game here of this world. With the arrogance of self proclamation, people try to write-off genuine concern. Who the hell are those who talk so loudly about humanity under the draconian practices and belief?
It sucks me to see the outrageous hypocrisy over the issues like domestic violence and marital discord. Many with no fault of their own are receiving a raw deal from the life and on top of that, an incendiary evaluation with heinous strictures by the society makes things worse for them. Are we not overzealous with presumptuous assessment about such people?
Why the hell we believe in Parthian expletives of estranged philosophy, which just suck the soul out of a life. In the generic orchestration, we all are made to believe and to laud that now we have the ultimate symphony to sooth our mind, heart and soul but that’s a blatant lie. I wonder… why it is so.
At one time of our existence, somewhere, the mindset of human being drifted from the sanity to collude with devil and that devil is still in our mind. Weed out that devil.
With all humility look into the intrinsic asset of your soul and there in you will find compassion, and that only can make you go unbridled and untrammeled to reach out the unblessed one. Those who are being brazenly and brutally marginalized, give them hope…hold them. People may question your probity, never mind, endure the razor sharp criticism, pursuit your goal relentlessly with single mind devotion.
With sanity in your purpose, you hold the distinction of reasons to take on any adversaries. YES, YOU HOLD THE DISTINCTION

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