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I Don' t Care If... RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, December 12, 2013

Self interest is good...Arguably, if you don't care then you're not embracing yourself with enough backslapping "bravo!"


Prof. Arguably PHD: In not trying to flog myself. Unlike some flagrant fragrant self whippers of "Goodness gracious it's all about me." Only kidding,i'm just as arrogant as any other writer who says he/she is or aint but in deference to 'truth be known' i am but having said that i am fully aware that without confidence write full hope not only leaves the writer/key protagonist with the glass 'half full' but the writer too in some semblance of critical dispensation of oneself which in turn can create an inward inclination of thought that in itself could be damaging if one doesn't catch ones thoughts on the precipice of "what the heck am i doing writing when i could be doing something useful like 'self reproach' over a writing project one started with vim...chucked in the bin?"

I mean why be chortlan when you can drift in mortal land...that is to say it's okay to doubt oneself but if in that doubt spacecium youium cannot see passium that projection of lost fragmented thought and the instigationary forwardic push you need to go forward and hack that fragmentary backhack track; that basically fundamental great story which will emerge of its own flight like that of the literary 'fight' of the "flight Phoenix" that in turn will project you to Bookium Palace (no...not the Knight- Rider arriving at Buckingham Palace to be given a Knightlyhood because your literary vision from the hood could render you incapable of seeing thus crashing out of the thicket of Shropshire on C Trent. Constable Trent then plops his pommie black- pointed stars struck beanie, back on his pointed head,makes a pointed remark,"i say i say!" arrests you, on the grounds that the drink you have been imbibing pon contains not coffee grounds but champers that pampers. You are taken in and photographed in the hood and as everyone in America knows you don't venture out in the 'hood' at night unless you have friends larger than life otherwise you stand a more than unwelcome chance of losing yours!

What i'm saying is basically profundant, doesn't matter what dire times you are having at any point in your life: whether it be writing or building a model of the Queen Mary out of matchsticks. So you forgot to de-fire the match heads and set de fire to London on her maiden voyage down the has happened before and the old saying rears its bow "you can't always get ten out of Thames" but the fact you TRIED my dear -one left- reader...does that not fill you with washing powder which in turn will help you get cleaned up before they go looking for the 'match maker' 'The Man of Straw.' It all comes out in the wash but if it doesn't buy yourself a submarine and blow bubbles down under until people above arrest the night washerman and charge him with aiding and abetting a bubbling low -life...but then Thames the breaks if you're a model citizen of England and even if you reach that burnt slightly cynical singed status you can do a Humpty Dumpty and have another crack at it without the King's men...horses for courses i guess. Falling off walls and cracking up is easy. It's treating life like a yoke that some can't handle.

Before i go let me tell you if i may about my thesis which sold 20 million copies. It is the impact of this thesis that shook the world in fact.

Just two lines of a song which were later banned because of the impact this love song would have had on a worldwide day one night when the stars twinkled and a handsome young Gashn'over (in a rush to embrace his lovein in the dark he tripped...gashed himself) stroked the violin of lovein. Remember this one? "i don't care if the Sun DON'T SHINE ...i get my lovein in the evening time.....!!!!!!" Utterly outrageous statement. I wrote an 40 million word essay why EVERYONE should care the Sun SHINES!!! A ruling in London's High Court was read by the town crier "if you get your lovein in the evening time DON'T involve the SUN'S will continue to shine regardless of your fetish fumbling overtures in the dark." Sorry...forgot to say "HEAR YE! HEAR YE!..." unfortunately lovers' don't seem to listen OR see,do they?

The strange part about this project which won me the 'allgash' prize, is that i was given a priceless gold parchment and knighthooded. Was driving home through the hood in London, had a nip of champers, ran over a constable...tried to flap out a passing Mary ship with my award...ended up it caught fire! The money i earned in royalties for my thesis was seconded to rebuild London Bridge but they decided to scrap it anyway. I wrote another thesis which was completely ignored and had they heeded my dire warning "London Bridge is falling fair lady Lovein could have availed herself of more lovein in the evening time instead of hanging off the gangplank of a bridge destined not to be there! The message here is don't give a stuff about critics...because they don't care if YOUR Sun don't shine...YOU have to! Have a good you don't get blinded by the dark and gash something!

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