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The American Invasion of Switzerland?

by Paul Anthony (writer), Cumbria, United Kingdom, December 14, 2013

A light-hearted look at drawing a line under the past - or planning an invasion.

The American invasion of Switzerland?


Relations between Switzerland and America have been overshadowed since 2009 due to various disputes over Switzerland's bank secrecy laws and the use of Swiss accounts by some of America's citizens in order to shield untaxed income. American authorities are currently investigating eleven Swiss banks for allegedly aiding tax evasion. The Swiss government is trying to get the investigations dropped in exchange for the payment of fines and the transfer of client names. It is seeking a comprehensive deal to 'draw a line under the past' to protect the remainder of its 300 or so banks from US prosecution.

Whilst the deadline for any agreement between the two countries is said to be the end of 2013 one wonders what recent electronic surveillance activities have taken place in respect of the global banking sector. Has the Swiss President checked his mobile phone recently?

Is it the case that the two countries will fall out completely and throw handbags at each other as well as insults? Or will American special forces parachute into the Swizz capital and seize control of the nation's banking system? The debacle is surely beyond imagination.

Let us hope that in the days to come the two countries shake hands on some kind of deal. I just cannot imagine the Americanisation of our beautiful Switizerland... Err.... Actually, I can......To presume an American victory would lead to the contention that the Swiss, army, navy and air force lost the battle and the bankers gave in! Behold, the age of Prohibition! America bans public yodelling and replaces it with country and western music. Disneyland takes over Lucerne. McDonald's builds a fast food outlet on every Alp. Swiss cuckoo clock production is moved to Detroit to bolster failing car manufacture and Swiss chocolate manufacture is taken over by a Californian chewing gum firm! Oh dear! Can things get any worse? Well, only if Switzerland's 26 cantons are restructured into 'states' - Will that mean another star on the Star and Stripes? Will ski-ing be prohibited and replaced by baseball, basket ball and American football? I don't know. Perhaps I should just butt out and do the Swiss thing and stay neutral... Ahh, nah.... can't do that .... Support the underdog.... Come on the Swiss....

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