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The Ghost who Talks. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, December 11, 2013

Even our comic book heroes need something to fail back on when mum's the ward.


M.E. haven't got time for reason or rhyme haven't got time to spare, the Phan has come in will interview him...he hasn't a moment to spare.

M.E. : "Phantom welcome, you were saying in the make-up room where they were having a Devil of a time putting your mask mascara on straight that you are not a fan of O'Bama care...something about having to wait so long for an appointment? What time span are we talking about?"

P:" Four hundred years...nearly a lifetime."

M.E.: "Mmmm...sounds a bit long in the tooth are they trying to mask your problem?"

P:" Well i mean Tom- Tom had to get one of his tomsils out...but he had to march to the beat of their drum. Boom we've got a vacancy boom we made a wrong date...BOOM just rest your tomsil don't stay out too late. BOOM darn boom!"

M.E." Phantom i heard on your Tom- Tom Phanfare that your tooth was loosened after a brawl at your bedsitter. The blurb sound said you were out of your skull?"

P:" Complete fabrication,although partially true...a rear molar came adrift in my bedsitter skull, had a friend around,had a few too many lemonades he tripped over by gum reached out and grabbed the nearest molar, MINE!...rang OBama care the receptionist said O'Bama was president...sorry NOT present and he didn't handle loose molars by gum or cheek and that i certainly had one ringing up when the President was in his office addressing reporters at afternoon plea...ummm tea."

M.E.:" Phantom you did say 'bedsitter' are you trying to tell me you've had to come down to a low brow skull?"

P:" Look i had a double- story skull lost some stock options after the bull- market collapsed on top of my stock- gate and half ran away, had to get the Witch doctor in to, well...shrink my skull and take on an evil doer part- time to make molars meet and to keep a cranium over my skull. To also relieve some cross- bones begging for pain relief in my joints which i think some of the American health care advisers must get a whiff of when they're trying to plug holes in the good ship 'she'll be apples' with 'super due.'

M.E.:" What on earth do you mean by 'super due' don't you mean super glue?"

P:" I MEAN SUPER DUE M.E. the time people get to see a doctor, any doctor, no matter Witch doctor under this elf scheme their SUPER will be DUE! Furthermore the frustrated overworked Docs will probably chuck their elderly victims tubes of Superglue and tell them to stick it...!"

M.E.:" Can we skip the glue?"

P:" The resident evildoer tried,slipped face first ended up with MANDATED lockjaw!"

M.E.:" What is the resident evildoer's name Phan?"

P:" I told you! OBama care!"

M.E.:" Look Phantom you can't blame the President for everything...he came in at a bad time."

P:" Yep,sure did, he came in to see which doctor was treating the evildoer with lockjaw but the patient just kept mum,which is just as well because mum was all he had and a note pad."

M.E. :"What did the note pad say?"

P:" This mess will sort itself out ma in about 400 years in the meantime please pass me the last straw and something solutionable M.E. :"Don't you mean soluble?"

P:" Why? Do you have a SOLUBLE solution M.E.?"

M.E.:" Not me how bout you oh ghost that walks?"

P:" M.E. neither, it makes me want to take stock."

M.E. "To REPLENISH half the stock that ran away?"

P:" would make you sick!"

M.E.:" Not here PLEASE!"

ps:" nothing against your health system and i'm sure a fair and equitable arrangement will be made in due course..."one green bottle hanging in the ward...MUUUM! can you pass me that bottle!"

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Bio...bioio...daylight come an i wanna go home. Come missa tele man tele me banana. A banana tele? Seriously would like to hook up with other comedy writers to engage.
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