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A poem of rich reluctance. RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, December 09, 2013

Some people have to die before their good side shows. Ben's latent regret?


The ten worked at 'Drab Job' factory assembly line

All different age a dreary page- of fortune they did pine.

Ben was shifty paid sometimes short for a ticket out of 'Drab'

Was always "make it up next draw" ignored the muted gab.

"Old Ben he's such a tight ass never pays up right!"

One day we'll hit the 'big un' give Ben a mean ol fright.

"I'll pay next week" said Ben just before next draw

The muted gab smirked grinning, "sure Ben, bloody SURE!"

Ben went on a one week holiday paid nothing for the next up draw

Heard about the 'Drab' mill win came rushing through the door.

Now Ben boy he had money though he hadn't paid

To heck with him not not getting NONE he'll sue them to the grave.

Took nine to court with lawyers after all Ben was part of win?

Sued did Ben they counter- sued Ben sued with vengeance vim.

They all ended up with nothing lawyers got it all

Plus an extra ninety thousand cost Ben for money brawl.

Ben had plenty left but,he was single, never spent

He wasn't going to pay upfront "i'm money wise unkempt!"

"Ummm listen fellas short this week can put a little in your cup.

Just got enough to get me through you'll have to suck it up!"

Ben left the job at Drab the muted gab of nine

"rotten Ben because of him a life of not sublime!"

Ben he died as people do he finally paid the lawyers

In one lump sum up it come the final dollars coy as.

The nine worked on at Drab a strange pervasive call

Came through the building by the boss he beckoned with curt drawl.

"come y all to mess hall " something from mean Ben

The nine stood standing muted talk the boss took out his pen.

The lawyer stood there reading off old dead Ben's final will

"Oh nine i'm sorry like to make amends there's a million here i got

To share there just among you i've been a mean old clot."

The nine stood at Ben's grave site feeling sort of numb

Felt so horrible a few tears dropped flowers did brought some.

No more muted sly asides, in unison thought as one

What a strange old man was mean ol Ben he had struck them sort of...dumb?

The youngest worker there placed a crudely written sign

It read "NEW you had to finally show Ben not before good time."

MORAL: Some people wait until after they're dead to show themselves for what they perhaps could have beamed in life.

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