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Premium Web Services for your Business

by i2k2 (writer), , December 14, 2013

Business of any size need the right hosting service. It is essential as dedicated servers improves performance, improve reliability, provides web security, customize configuration.

For businesses of any size and type, deciding upon the right kind of hosting service is critical. Moreover, if you need services for dedicated server hosting, it is important to select a professional service provider that best suits your business.

The benefits of having a dedicated server are mentioned below:

1.High Performance

The server performance is much faster and better in case of dedicated servers. Here, you will not be sharing the memory and disk space with other websites on the same server.


There is no risk such as slowing down of the server during heaving web traffic, or conflicts with other sites on a shared server. Hence, the risk factors such as crashing of server during peak traffic are not there.

3.Web Security

No one else except you will have access to a dedicated server, and thus your website can have much better security. You can also run your own custom firewall in order to deploy your personalized access control policy.

4.Customized Configuration

You can install specific software or configure the server as per your business requirements. It is a great leverage that a dedicated server provides.

5.Having Your Own IP Address

Shared hosting websites usually share a single IP address. For a dedicated server, you will have your own unique IP address.

6.Easy to Upgrade

According to the requirement, you can easily upgrade the server for more memory, disk space or additional processors.

The determining factors for selecting a web hosting service are below:

  • During web traffic congestion, the server will need more disk space, also termed as ‘Bandwidth’. Your business may need to exchange a large number of text-heavy and multimedia files through the website. Having higher disk space will always be useful.
  • Having your own server and IP address are ideal for your business to get highly secured and reliable services.
  • Review the pricing plans and take up the one that suits your business and fit in your budget. It is suggested that you go for a reasonably priced long-term contract.
  • Check whether the service provider offers services like managing firewall, service monitoring, Domain Name System (DNS) service, updating software etc. as per your requirement.
  • If online transactions are possible on your site, it is quite important that your site has a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to provide protection to the transactions.
  • Will your host provide 24x7 technical support to your website? To keep your website up and running, efficient customer service is needed.

Finally, to flourish your business in the future, you may need to upgrade your website. How easily your server can be upgraded and what would be the additional cost? To get all these answers, you can opt for any premier service provider, which has end-to-end solution to all your hosting woes.

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