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An Authorship Demystified

by Paul Anthony (writer), Cumbria, United Kingdom, December 07, 2013

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Partial upload of book cover entitled 'Authorship Demystified'.

An author's memoir on the subtle movement of self publishing authors to independent publishers.

Writing is a very personal journey but the destination is much more public if you want to be published. Commitment, imagination and determination are the lifeblood of authors. It is what drives them to succeed and describes the stuff of dreams.

Somewhere between the first tap of the keyboard and that final full stop lies a thousand unspoken questions about what one might do with the finished work, and whether you will succeed if you are ever published. In the beginning planning is a crucial element since research, mind wrestling, plotting and crafting, are key components of that piece of work you are determined to complete. Eventually writing begins to flow from the mind and you record everything in a logical manner. The objective is to entertain, inform, and communicate the written word to a reader. Finally, when the manuscript is finished, you are a smidgen away from becoming a published author.

How many individuals enter the world of writing in the dark - unsure of what happens next - and how to proceed? Do you need an editor to check and perhaps revitalise your work? Do you need a coat of varnish to make your work shine that little bit more? Or do you have a trusted friend who can tear your manuscript to pieces without hurting your inner soul? Have you selected a book cover? Or are you able to design an image yourself with the help of your friends and family? Well, the answers to those questions depend on which route you decide to take in the days ahead, and which method of publication you choose to follow.

Welcome to the wonderful world of writing. All one needs to do now is demystify the route ahead. Let me tell you my story, share my experience, and attempt to signal the various ways forward that you might choose.

My eleventh and latest publication - Authorship Demystified - is a non-fiction account of a 20 year authorship. It discusses and suggests ways to help and guide new and emerging authors, unpublished writers, and established authors seeking new grounds, fresh challenges, and a sustainable readership. Indeed, I try to take new writers on a journey to a prolonged authorship by beginning with an author’s first book and ending with a writer’s first screenplay. On route, the suggestion is made that the era of writers looking for a traditional publishing house with which to publish is in a downward spiral of decline.

Authorship Demystified raises the following for examination:-

The history of reading, writing and publishing from the days of yore to the QWERTY keyboard and beyond – The Sumerian Questions - Methods of publication and how to get published – Pseudonyms – Biography - Contracts - Literary agents – Royalties – ISBN and DRM - to Free or not to Free – Copyright - Public domain – The Writing process - Creating and sustaining an Authorship - Developing Social Media effectively - Brand Marketing - Formatting eBooks and printed books – Genres - Preparing a manuscript for submission - Establishing a Readership - eReading devices - Retail sites - Market Share - Beta readers - Editorial services – Reviews - Authors groups – Networks – Bloggers - Screenplays – A look into the Future - and a stack of other things from the Net Book Agreement as it was in 1994 to the electronic age of 2014 via the arrival of the eReader device.

Essentially, there is a discussion on the subtle evolution of self-publishing authors to that of independent publishers.

In 2014 I‘ll be celebrating twenty years as a semi-professional writer and I have decided to share that experience with my friends, fellow authors and aspiring writers. Authorship Demystified is a 40,000 word memoir available in kindle and with lulu.

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