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What To Pair With Your Aviator

by Neil Hanks (writer), Canada, November 27, 2013

Credit: Coastal Contacts

Even though there are countless trendy sunglasses and chic shade options available and ready to be donned, it would almost be a fashion-sin to not have a cool pair of classic aviators.

These wire-rimmed framed glasses that were originally made for fighter pilots of the 1930s and 40s have crossed all imaginable fashion lines. They’re practical for both men and women, while easy to sport in summer and winter seasons, and can be worn with a variety of apparel options and outfits. If you’re considering a new pair of sunglasses, opt for these classic and crazy-stylish possibilities.

Attention all single men! When looking for a sure-fire way to attract the ladies, start sporting aviator shades. In the spring and summer, nothing will look better with jeans, a basic black or white T-shirt and suede loafers than a gold-hued pair of aviator sunglasses. Trust me, this look, although basic, is one that women swoon over. Perfect not just while driving, but for any outdoor festivities that happen to be going on in your hometown or city. In the fall and winter, add another basic piece you likely already have such as a knit sweater or denim jacket for a casual, sexy, cool look that is as wearable on celebs as it is any average Joe.

For the ladies out there, aviator sunglasses look best paired with your more casual options as well. Denim is always flawless with aviators so choose to up the chic-factor with rolled boyfriend jeans, a slouchy graphic tee, and rocker-chic booties. These sunglasses look amazing with either a bright red lip, or naturally sun-kissed nude gloss. Of course, if you’re headed to the beach for some much needed rest and relaxation, this particular style also pairs well with all of your beach attire. From sexy two-piece bikinis to swimwear cover-ups and sandals, these glasses will be picture-perfect. Of course, what would any vacation be without a basic cotton maxi dress or skirt for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. These dresses are great options for casual nights spent strolling along the beach while watching the sun set. And of course, these summer staples will look good with that one accessory that pairs equally well with your swim attire – aviator sunglasses. With the number of shoes, jewelry and scarves that we have carefully curated, each to be worn with something specific in our closet, this one simple, basic been-around-for-years accessory will work with numerous options.

Since it’s been established that aviators look good on men and women and with a variety of outfit styles, it’s obviously important to narrow down your choices. Generally speaking, the wire-rimmed oval shaped shades are very traditional in terms of their appearance. However, there are more modern options available as well, such as wide plastic frames, larger lenses and even colorful options that are completely opposite of the mainstream aviators you might be used to seeing. As with all other sunglasses or even prescription eyewear, pick out a style that compliments the shape of your face and features. Rock these sunglasses to their utmost greatness as simply put, you cannot go wrong with aviators

Image Credit: Coastal Contacts

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