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Laughing Keeps Us Healthy!

by mgibson (writer), , November 19, 2013

Laughing out loud lowers blood pressure and affect the hormones that control our appetite

Humor is a very powerful tool in human relationships. We have to admit that we all like to have around us funny people who can make us laugh. They are like magnets.

Moreover, different scientist have proven that laughter has multiple benefits on our health, so there's no reason why we shouldn't laugh, or just smile, more often. And how can we do that? It's pretty simple: going out with our friends and enjoying ourselves, reading jokes on the Internet or simply looking at some hilarious pics with cute animals or babies or whatever attract us.

Studies have shown that laughing out loud lowers blood pressure and affect the hormones that control our appetite. Moreover, laughter help in increasing good cholesterol and hormones, which play an important role in our immune system. And this is not all. It seems that laughter encourage artery dilation, thus reducing inflammation in our body.

In terms of emotions, laughter is like chocolate: it relieves stress and is even considered an aphrodisiac, because when a person laughs, the body releases endorphins, which are chemicals with euphoric effect. In addition, laughter breaks down all barriers and melts inhibitions, and abolish boredom or fatigue.

A person who laughs more often is considered to be a more beautiful person and also a more pleasant company. This happens because laughter acts on skin and our neuro system, it relaxes many parts of our body, such as our face, neck, chest, abdomen, arms or legs.

On the other hand, we mustn't say that laughter is simply a manifestation of humor. Laughter gives birth to a new world, an inverted reality where everyone is happy, healthy and has no worries. Consequently, there are two worlds, two realities reflected into one another, just like in a mirror.

The bottom line is that if we want to overcome any obtacle that may appear in our lives, we have to laugh more often. Specialists say that if we find the strenght to mock the evil things in our lives, their power will be neutralized. No wonder it is said that sick people who laugh wholeheartedly can heal faster so those who choose to remain sad.

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By riginal on November 19, 2013 at 05:42 am

funny you should say laughter heals,no pun intended.I wrote a piece some time back about a guy who was pretty intelligent-not that that is the precursor to healing oneself. He had this God awful disease which rendered him incapable of movement. He got a friend to bring him every comedy he could find on DVD.Cured himself. I do not trust people who don't laugh. It's as if they're trying to stifle their souls with a terrible restrictive bondage of seriousness. Nice post and that chemical release surely must be a 'free gift' from a mirthful spirit we are all capable of embracing no matter what the prob. Cheers...

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