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How to Use Hashtags for Ecommerce? 8 Quick Tips

by David Maxx (writer), Rosemount, November 14, 2013

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Hashtags in Twitter play an important role in promoting business brands, if it is done in proper ways. Many online merchants don’t have any idea about how to put hashtags, 

More than 75% of Twitter users are using hashtags in their tweets, do you know why? It is one of the most popular marketing strategies to promote your products/services among people. However, there are many different ways to use twitter, the most important thing is how and why to use it. This post is all about using hashtags with proper guideline. Before proceeding with guidelines, let’s understand what actually Hashtag is.

Hashtag is “#” sign that used along with topics and keywords for tracking conversation around the topics. For example, you are searching for #socialmedia in Twitter; you will see result from social media that used that hashtag. There are many ways to use hashtag to get the most of it. Check out below :

Check Out Visibility

Those people, who want to check visibility on Twitter, must use Hashtags. It is advantageous for keeping an eye on your products/services or company. One can also use Hashtags for categorizing your Tweets by purpose or topic.

Advertising And Promotions

One of the most excellent ways to begin conversation of your products and services is through put hashtags with advertising and marketing promotions. There are many large brands putting hashtags in television commercials to promote their brands among users. Additionally, one can also take same approach with advertising attempts, offline and online.

Must Use on Product Description Pages

In addition, another effective ways to use hashtags is to add on product description pages on your ecommerce website and link them to your Twitter account. It delivers a visible ways to check your conversation of your products/services you are offering and engage your customers, who are using them.

Go for social media campaigns

Number of social media sites such as Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and Tumblr are supporting hashtags. Facebook also thinks to start supporting their use. So, using hashtags is one of the easiest ways to track your conversation about social media campaigns.

Create community

Creating community through around your brand with Hashtags is also a better option for your business. Make hashtag using your business name and promote it through your tweets from time-to-time. It would be better to encourage your customers using the hashtag in their tweet.

Target Interest Based Users

There are many users following hashtags that based on their interests. It is advisable to tap into their talks to highlight your brand or products.

Trending Topics

Another effective strategy is to search for some hot topics according to your products/brands. This strategy is the most useful one for online merchants, selling clothing, footwear or Jewelry.

Follow Friday

A Common Practice, named as Follow Friday (#FF) is one of the popular use of hashtags that allows users to highlights others users in their Tweets. If you are a merchant, it would be great for you provide some approval to loyal customers or vendors. Click here to read full post

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