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invest or not to invest...THAT is the question.RIGINAL.

by riginal (writer), moe australia, November 13, 2013

How often have you listened to an excited INVEST! friend or a blonde real estate Bombshell about sea-shells by the fore sure? I SHARE YOUR SHARE PAIN.


Time to fess up folks the all ords at some investing whimsical time in your life has left you gasping at your own stupidity and as a result leaving one with a less than ordinary all ord feeling.Don't you dare lie to me because i can see and feel you fidgeting.You have at some time in your life chucked money on a lively thoroughbred of an investment that has collapsed more than likely in the starting stalls which if the truth be known (don't lie to me the GOD of investment is looking up your file as i spank your memory) was holding up the thoroughbred...its investment saddle throwing you the investor under its splayed hoofs before mentally kicking you to death to be followed by a well deserved rant from your partner as to how stupid you were into thinking you could earn a fortune on a 'sure' thing which will put the kids through college,procure a car that doesn't leak more oil than its internal infernal worn rings gulp in protest, PLUS the excess moolah from your canny invest will jack up the side of the house and enable you to offer the neighbor a bit of money to bring some of your main support stumps back that surrendered to the sinkhole 'suck' which you and you alone are the proud owner of due to the fact that like your investing prowess-your didn't get the underpinnings checked out in the first place because you were too busy checking out the aforesaid pins holding up the UNreal estate bombshell who assured you that the ground beneath her tweets was rock solid and you could rest assured cross her cute lips she would personally come and re-stump your house- fill the sink hole with vigor-should that occur which it couldn't possibly be so...there...sorry,sign there.Yep she would employ cement vigor as the hole kept getting bigger and bigger with much much vigor! You shook her hand, she shook her tousled blonde bleached hair,drove round the corner laughing her cute tweets of just a month prior to your house shaking its stump less head- the next door neighbor as a goodwill gesture sticking some acrow props between your separate dwellings in a concerted effort to prevent the two joining bricks in an awkward stump less marriage which would precipitate a divorce of sorts but WAIT! the investment! it will save the day...maybe? Yep,foreshore, but your wife wasn't so sure when saltwater from the foreshore came a bubbling up the sinkhole in the sink as opposed or perhaps in unified cohesion to further complicate an already sinking feeling by the lady of the house that the beach front was indeed a hop step and affront away. Needless to say your investment didn't rise to the occasion and the fact that you have scrambled eggs every morning depending on the tide...which incidently only affects YOUR basement because Christopher Columbus used to tie up where your stumps used to be because there's a channel he dug right under your house but you didn't look at his plans because you hadn't been handed them because Ms Bombshell a descendant of CC Rider forget to present.

Okay...i've rubbished the poor fellow enough. But seriously, investing the $100,000 you borrowed from Ms Bombshell by the seashore's uncle at the nearby bank 'Pirate's Cove Inc' would surely have given you a clue? But then to invest in a mussel building Jim whose mussel's failed to build-instead rotted and stank-i rest my barbell. We all know that a muscle building gym is not run by Jim cos Jim moved on with your money. Enough already. My investment was eight thousand into a 'recoilless' gun. The demo showed a large calibre rifle of sorts suspended on wires and fired. An arc of at least a metre of recoil. The secret anti-recoil mechanism was fitted...NO recoil. American army came over,couldn't believe this Australian version,wanted to take photos. The inventor,paranoid,eccentric, wouldn't let them. The factory incidently was lead lined to prevent this.

This invention can be used to launch outer space recoilless launches, fitted to a jackhammer the percussion shock is nil. Several firearms large and small were fitted and amazed the firearm people. The Polish inventor flew to Poland to prepare to set up Poland's biggest gun with the system. The government people comprising of a large group of army reps boarded a plane to go see. Plane fell out of the sky killing all on board. Shelved. You see this system is ideal for tanks, huge weight reduction as an ordinary tank needs the weight to counteract the recoil. System can be fitted to shotguns By the time patents were garnered and paid for money was scant. The stock market started to implode Australian Army thought it the best invention they had seen...was featured in munitions program. More money couldn't be raised to prop the show up. Incidently when the stockmarket was booming a special bullet was designed which far exceeded the present at that point in time. A guy invested a thousand dollars...pulled out one hundred thousand. This munitions company wanted to meld with company mentioned. They refused as they were on the cusp of making millions from the recoilless idea which far overshadowed the other company. They needed 2 mill to float it on the stock exchange share wise. Couldn't raise it. Stock exchange was stuffed anyway,people were not investing. Australian company group is keen but i think the horse has bolted now with some people investing sums like five hundred thousand absorbed. Factories were sold off. Didn't have a chance to ramp up. My ex-brother-in-law and wife invested thousands,borrowed off sister as well...for a surefire thing to potentially reap a heap. Didn't happen. In law lost everything. House, wife,she was a silly bitch anyway in my opinion...don't know why he invested in her in the first place? Love's blind...and dumb?

People put their life savings into a company that switched from building houses to factories. They lost the lost in a downturn in factory sales.The company director did all right though but they always seem to tuck a bit a bit away don't they? Sandwiched between lies in an offshore account. Have you invested and lost? Now don't lie to me.Good luck if your investment dream came true but it's a bit like the slots isn't it? Knowing when to leave.I really could do with that money at present but hey tomorrow is another day and anyway a descendant of CC just rang and asked if i'd be interested in stumping up for a sea-shell property by the seashore.You see this bombshell apparently sells sea shells,property by the foreshore and delves into mussel Jims Inc...luding CC stocks see. Yep you have to get up pretty early to suck me in or attempt to rid me of money i don't possess. How bout yews...don't lie to me! LISTEN! a mate of mine in Congress needs backing...OVER!...but don't they all! Be careful God bless your savings but don't trust someone with a patch over one eye and a crystal ball.

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