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Apple Slices, One Bite @ A Time

by LogicalSol (writer), Baltimore, Maryland, June 16, 2007

I'm old enough to remember when the first personal computer rolled out in one gigantic piece. It was small. Stood 14 inches high and 8 inches wide on a desk. The silent, cyclops screen stared blankly out at its new audience in its puked oatmeal-hued casing.

I'm lying. It came with its peripheral siblings: a QWERTY keyboard and something called a "mouse". Had neat drop-down menus to choose from, too. Even a new way to know when you'd deleted files long gone: Oscar the Grouch's trash can came into geek prominance.

But this small, simple, one-piece machine would revolutionize its name, the computer industry and totally change the way ever how this piece got uploaded to this site now.

Apple and Apple II, the machines that changed how personal computing went to new levels, is helmed by Steve Jobs. Ready to roll out their brand new iPhone, which has a touch screen to dial numbers and drop down a honey-do list, goes for a nice $499 and $579 respectively. This gizmo has an MP3 player, a PDA, can download movies, make calls, browse the Internet, get your your e-mail, and has an exclusive, intimate and possibly business monogamous relationship with Cingular-Now-AT & T. If you trained you new gadget very carefully, iPhone'll fetch you your pipe and slippers. Pushing $600, it should offer you a back massager and chilled Pinot Noir, too.

I'm not being sarcastic; on the contrary. I would love to own that phone, but my cell phone budget is Coors Lite compared to Apple's cell pinot noir one. I'm marveling the way their marketing, or lack thereof, takes on a life of its own,1895,2084524,00.asp. This iPhone was touted as having ita own cell battery for the phone itself and the MP3 player, then another crazy rumor started they're planning their own gaming system (both untrue).

However, I believe they do this for a solid rationale and learned what happens on premature hype: Two words: Apple Newton.

It was the original PDA and UPS scanner big. Weighing around 5 pounds, the Newton was supposed to take notes for you from your translated handwriting, but every time it'd tried, you either get misinterpreted or garbled words or squiggles displaying your cryptic doctor's screed. Soon, the Newton fell as fast in sales as did Sir Issac's apple from the tree. Dropped to the ground, it was toast. Too bulky. Ugly color. Heavy as heck. Monochromatic screen. Doesn't work. So what?

It took Apple several years to recover from this debacle--remember the New Coke, anyone?--and they did, quite nicely. Teaming with a small studio specializing in computer animation, Disney got a few galleys Apple's sister company PIXAR "Toy Story" and Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear are in the annuals of the first computer-generated movie ever history.

From there, the string didn't stop: iMac, iBook, the first mp3 playing iPod--it was estimated that one iPod was being sold, during critical mass, every ten minutes in 2004--and now, their highly anticipated iPhone.

Apple looks like its mastered the word-of-mouth mantra regarding advertising, nor did it hurt to have hits one after another as they'd done with their i-lines and PIXAR in the past decade or so, either. They still leave consumers guessing with the June 29th iPhone release much in the same fashion Apple's done with PIXAR's movie posters of Toy Story a12 years ago: What is this? Revealing a little, is indeed, revealing a lot. And it appears they've mastered this mode of advertising quite well. Keep 'em all wondering.

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