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Free Speech Under Assault ... From BOTH Sides

by LogicalSol (writer), Baltimore, Maryland, July 26, 2007

"Talk radio needs to be dealt with in America. We have to deal with that problem."

Was this from Keith Olbermann of MSNBC? No. From Hillary Clinton or other potential Presidentail Democrat nominees? No.

Was this from and the George Soros outfit funding that site and his "I hate the GOP" agenda? No.

This statement was offered by Mississippi Republican Trent Lott. During President Bush's National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast as te Commander-in-Chef littered his audience with Spanish phrases to thank those cnstitents for their stance on the "comprehensive immigration bill", called the initial death of the immigration bill as those "talk radio people who don't even know what's in that bill."

Senator Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, held a copy of that bill talk radio audiences knew nothing about on the Senate floor. He would've been fine with the bill as was, but for the provisions of illegal immingrants not being deported in cases of felonious acts such as rape, molestation, murder, vandalism, drug and mule smuggling, grand larceny and so forth. These and other tidbits of this "comprehensive immigration bill" leaked to the talk radio listeners of America. They rose to the occassion to lobby Congress hard on one word on this bill: "No!"

And the radio audiences won.

In audience of the Spanish breakfast? A well-known group bigoted against anyone not of Hispanic descent named "La Raza", Spanish for "The Race." These gang members adopted hate America beliefs that quelled even the most seasoned, thick-skinned politician on Capital Hill: Part of the provisions of this bill, having the blessing of "La Raza", illegals in the U.S. with gang-related connections only had to swear their dissolunment and renounce alliegences with any and all violent gang activity of their pasts. This means killing non Hispanics for simply being born non Hispanic. And, in other words, all members of dangerous gangs like La Raza, MS 13, FALN terrorists and the like would've been cleared under the amesty umbrella, were it not for those "meddlin' kids" the radio talk show audiences were.

The irony: it's not just the far-reaching Left that want talk radio silenced. The Fairness Doctrine, which the late President Ronald Reagan killed in 1986, ensures both viewpoints are heard in any medium, no matter how outlandish that viewpoint is in that medium. The Left know this would kill off talk radio, because no one wants to hear from their tried-and-failed points of view. It's heard from already in forms of books, movies, network television programming, nightly newscasts, taxpayer funded outlets like PBS, NPR and C-SPAN, music and music videos, cable outlets, magazines and newsprint mediums, in the schools' cuurriculums, most colleges, state and local politics, church doxy, Congressional appointed court judges, associations like the American Psychologists Association and the like; corporate America's personality testing prior to hiring profiling; even on blind dates. A certain point of view held by the Left has branded almost every aspect of culture--and they want to penetrate the one medium they couldn't crack by means of their right to free speech--so they have to get it mandated in: talk radio.

This is expected. It is what the former liberal wing of the Democrat party now do: If you can't beat the competition, kill it off. The days of the mantra "I may disagree with what you say, but I stand by your right to say it" with today's "liberal" are gone. Marxits now overrun the Left arm of the DNC and its party inhabitants---and the Right, browbeating into deballed cowardice for holding onto views of the Ozzie and Harriet Nelson era, recite their scripted acquiesence in bobbleheaded mania.

How can the Right--being lead by the despicable group of the anti-American Democrats--claim they speak for talk radio when some of their own--Trent Lott, Lindsay Graham, Jon Kyl, and John McCain, who's Presidential aspirations are ashes from his stance on amnesty--had the nerve to state, "talk radio is a problem"? Talk radio audiences didn't know what they were on about? Excuse me, Senators, but this SAME talk radio you look to silence are the very same that elected you. Forgot about that, didn't you?

Those in the GOP camp, the still loyal Bush supporters, in spite of his countless gaffes with Iraq's misguidedness, may want this Doctrine passed as well. To make nice to the Left behind the daily castrating of the GOP, perhaps. Yet the borders remain wide open with the "we can't deport 12-20 million illegals" drumbeat the country's citizens are daily subject to; Marines doing the jobs they were trained for get court-martialed and jailed; Perjering Scooter Libby gets three hots and a cot time even when the grand jury knew CNBC pundit Tim Russert named the leak that is called Valerie Plame, but Sandy Berger, former National Security Advisor to Bill Clinton removes original documents from the National Secutiry Agency in his BVDs, leaves behind the copies and sees no jail time; and for Bush to sign into law something that a well-known Leftist named Edward M. Kennedy attached his name to, is NEVER a good thing for the American public. They, too, based on the Democrat-turned-Republican Trent Lott had to say, "Talk radio needs to be dealt with in America," want the masses silenced.

The Left wish to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine--which gives both sides equal time for a point/counterpoint on opinion based programs--because the juggernaut that is talk radio cannot be broken by them. The general public are far too savvy and well aware of the political macabre that is Washington D.C. The GOP machine wishes to close down talk radio--specificaly, certain hosts like Steve Malzberg, comedian-turned-talker Jackie Mason, Michael Savage and others--becase their Dubai Ports deal died, thanks to talk radio. The nominee of Harriet Miers, also dead, thanks to talk radio. They heard from the masses, and they don't like this. The oligarchy want your respect and idolization, and they don't like it when the robotic, unquestioning obedience disobey. The initial immigration bill as it was got killed b/c the talkers' audience rose to the call to lobby Congress hard to not ram this bill on the American public, simply because they told thee masses so. No. The masses in talkerland moved independently. The masses were heard. As long as La Raza is loved by the basement approval ratings White House and septic tank approval ratings Congress, the robots will squeak on.

And the princes on E Street still play the Let's Ignore 'Em game. No big surprise: License plates decorated with "Taxation Without Representation!" in the D.C area only speak what the cowards dare not.

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