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Educational Constraints

by Tajammul Kothari (writer), Bahrain, November 06, 2013

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Educational Constraints

Fallacies taught in schools that impact a child's life

Education is the most important factor in one’s life as it helps in determining one’s future. A man’s formative years are spent in school and what he learns remains with him throughout his life. Therefore, a school being a temple of learning has a duty to impart education in a responsible manner.

Since initially a child is unable to question what he is taught, it is of utmost importance that the school provides factual information and not hypothetical theories and concepts such as Big Bang & Darwin’s’ Evolution which hold no truth. This kind of teaching may lead a child in having wrong ideas about the creation of mankind and the universe.

Also, myths such as diamonds are made from coal; the color of the water is blue and future can be determined by looking at star signs are some of many examples of fallacies taught by schools.

Even history at times is projected to students as incomplete or one sided due to certain political agendas, economic scenarios, social strata etc of that particular country.

Here, it has to be understood that children posses an inquisitive and a volatile mind and they easily grasp whatever is given to them. So it is important that they are fed with the right knowledge from the beginning.

Though there is no denying the fact the schools all around the world do a highly commendable job and one would be foolish to belittle the tremendous contribution made by the teaching staff, it would be better if schools take care and scrutinize their syllabus in some areas for the betterment of education.

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By riginal on November 07, 2013 at 09:47 am

Tajammul hi. Read your post with much interest and slight consternation. For the want of a better word there is no doubt a child's mind is like receptive mental 'putty' at an early age. Notwithstanding this they are MUCH smarter i believe than we were at their age.You also state that sometimes a child is fed 'wrong' information,fair enough. But where in God's name (if you believe in God or a form of the spiritual divinity) do the the 'RIGHT' answers come from when you allude to the fact sections of learning are quite wrong? If we are to use adults as a criteria for what is right and wrong, judging by our past history and more recent...have we much of a teaching right to fill small absorbent brains with anything? Who or whom in your opinion for instance created man? And for that matter if a child grows up in love and harmony without religion of any kind does it really matter, for surely then if they grow up to become a leader of mankind this would be a 'right' measuring stick or a moral compass to guide them? What purpose do you believe we are here for and what is your spiel on creation itself? Is the color of blue water a notion so important,or at least more important than different colored races living together as one. I'm not a student of anything in particular so in layman's terms what is the color of pure water bearing in mind that any water man touches for better or worse seems to turn different hues than blue or whatever the 'right' color may be. Yes, history of war etc gives no 'right' of way in my opinion to a definitive answer to be taught as there are so many variables. Should the child be taught in summation that innocent people are KILLED on both sides...and war should be abhored at all costs unless invasion is imminent and what was the trigger to cause this and was it justified or another 'vested interest' by governments whom declare that it was 'right' at the time but in hindsight facts prove more often than not it was totally wrong.The only thing i know about diamonds is that scientists are able to synthetically produce them in such a quality that equals the real thing? What is a real diamond made of/from? Sorry to sound like a five year old but then methinks listening to some children of that age they make more sense than a lot of us so called adults? In closing if you had unlimited resources where or to whom would you send a child to get the BEST of 'right,' assuming such an unbiased person/s exist? I'm not over religious but don't you think if a child is taught by stimulating his/her conscience to react to the right way life should be approached it's a major step in developmental "do unto others..." etc. Or am i old fashioned and a conscience is an adult add on to be dusted off and brought forth on a sunny day? The main thrust of my questioning remains...who what or where do you find the 'right' answer? Not trying to instigate a holy war...but if something's regarded as HOLY in this technological world today day is it mandatory for WAR to be annexed to Holy? Sorry to be so long winded but it beats banging on about hyperlinks...or maybe it doesn't. Nice post.Would like your personal view of religion and answers that are 'right' for tiny minds...not forgetting the kids' minds also... cheers buddy.

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By Calina88 on May 13, 2014 at 05:27 am

It is really important pozyconowanie stron

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