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How Visual Presentation Will Boost Product Sales

by In Suzi's Words (writer), Nevada, November 02, 2013

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Creative packaging is a great marketing strategy

It's all about the packaging. Learn how color, imaging, and branding can increase sales.

If you are the owner of a small business or perhaps involved in a community group looking to fundraise, you may be overwhelmed at all the possibilities when it comes to properly marketing your item and making it appealing to the general public. How do you manage to be both cost efficient and attractive to the average consumer? This is a difficult question to answer, however it is far from impossible. The solution is found in a combination of outer appeal and a stand out product that speaks for itself in value.

The Importance of Packaging

Many people believe that having a quality product will lead to it selling itself. This is actually far from true, as whatever you hope to sell, chances are there are many items similar to it already on store shelves or in an advertisement. Your goal should be to create outer packaging that not only draws attention to it but is a wealth of information as well. You don’t need to use a lot of words or select gaudy color schemes to be informative and attractive to customers. Brainstorming some concise catch phrases, listing basic facts and figures and selecting a bright color or modern, appealing design will do the trick.

You will find many of today’s successful products use yellow or red as their primary packaging hue. Red especially has been proven to draw people in, which is why it’s often the button color of the most expensive fuel grade at the gas station, and why so many fast food restaurants utilize it into their logo and dining area color scheme. Other popular colors are blue, purple and even a sleek black or slate gray with white print. Consider choosing one of these colors when packaging your item.

Adding an image that specifically targets your demographic is helpful too. If you are selling cookies as a fundraiser, place an image of a family or a child on the packaging to promote the snack as friendly, comforting and for a good cause. If your small business is selling bath salts or lotions, choose an image of a beach, a person relaxing or any other picture that is soothing and inviting. The possibilities are endless, as there are so many products to choose from when you are looking to boost business sales or earn money for a non-profit. Brainstorm with your team and find packaging color and designs that works well for you.

More for Your Money

Include freebies whenever possible. Having a small, inexpensive item included with the general product has been proven to boost sales. Americans love steals and deals, so anything you can include will ensure greater numbers. If you’re selling a barbecue sauce, include a potholder with your company name on it. If you’re selling shampoo, throw in a free miniature hairspray. If you’re promoting vacation packages, include a free pair of flip flops. Again, just as with the packaging, taking the time to include a little bonus item will attract potential customers and cause your item to have more value. Make sure the included free gift is visible without having to unwrap the packaging, and that it is advertised in writing on the box, bag or even on an added sticker label.

Counting Cost

Utilizing attractive packaging doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and in the end it will help you reach your financial goals. Many companies exist to provide packaging and design for large-quantity orders, which are ideal for school groups, businesses and major organizations. Smaller entities can enjoy great packaging options by visiting their local craft store or checking out discount office catalogs. Whatever avenue you choose to take, packaging in the single most important part of sales, preceded only by the quality of the item itself. Don’t skimp on this component which serves as powerful brand recognition and carries the ability to draw people in.

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