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As If It Was Scripted: Boston Wins the World Series

by Jeff Weisinger (writer), New York, NY, October 31, 2013

Credit: Jared Wickerham/ Getty Images
Despite verything, Boston stayed strong all season long

Six months after people screamed for their lives after the tragedy of the bombings of the Boston Marathon, fans screamed in joy as Sox win first title at home since 1918.

Maybe they finally found something to play for. Maybe that’s why everything happened in Boston for the Red Sox the way it did Wednesday night when they hoisted their third World Series in 10 years in Fenway. Sure, it might have ended the “1918” curse of the Sox not winning a title at Fenway, or maybe it was something more.

Something tragic, that was turned into triumph.

If it’s true that sports can heal a city after tragedy, the 2013 Boston Red Sox are living proof. Much like the 2001 Patriots and the 2001 Yankees were after the attacks of September 11.

It seems like only yesterday that the Boston Red Sox, under then manager Bobby Valentine, finished last in the American League East with more negative stories from the organization than the Bronx Zoo Yankees of the late 70’s and early 80’s. It seems like an even shorter time when two brothers decided to terrorize one of America’s popular pastimes, the Boston Marathon.

Maybe Red Sox Nation does owe some thanks to the Tsarnaev brothers. (Ok, we won’t go THAT far.)

But maybe what happened on that fateful morning in mid-April, which in turned postponed what was to be a Red Sox day game, was the spark the team that finished in as bad as a last place team can finish a year before needed. Something to fight for.

After the chicken and beer and the bombings, when the Red Sox came out with that “B Strong” logo the day after the Boston Marathon bombings, it almost as if it was destiny that the Red Sox would win it all.

The underdog, who was beaten down the year before, representing the city that was beaten down in the beginning of the season, ended up on top. General manager Ben Cherington didn’t go out to be a juggernaut in the bigs this year however. But, despite the money he spent during the offseason bringing in Shane Victorino, Jonny Gomes, Mike Napoli, he kept the underdog as just that, the underdog.

The Red Sox roster wasn’t the only ones who “started from the bottom” to open the 2013 MLB season. The entire city of Boston was. And they rode the same wagon the team rode. All the way to the top.

So it’s only fitting that after two World Series clinchers on the road in St. Louis in 2004 and in Colorado in 2007, that the Red Sox would give the fans something to run and scream about. Positively.

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By Coach Phatty on October 31, 2013 at 10:14 pm

You know...I am a huge NY Yankees fan but I really do feel good about the Red Sox winning the World Series. The city of Boston really needed something big like that to continue their healing after the horrible Boston Marahtin bombing learlier in the year. This is a great, heartwarming moment in Boston history :)

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By Credo on November 01, 2013 at 04:38 am

My dedication to sports has fallen down as I aged, I still love sports but my zest for the active role of participation is gone.

But it is always great to see a winner...


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