Sunday, October 21, 2018

Dalian Fortune Research Announce Opening

China based, Dalian Fortune Research's brand new"International Client Desk" an extension of its existing overseas client desk, is now in service.

Dalian Fortune Research's brand new"International Client Desk" an extension of its existing overseas client desk, is now in service. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of international customers, high net-worth customers in particular,and will provide a comprehensive range of professional and premier financial Management services.

Featuring unique and contemporary design, the 'desk' offers a cosy and pleasant environment equipped with advanced trading technologies, including electronic access to data interchanges and state of the art communication for conducting transactions. These devices are all designed to enhance customer service experience. Wealth Management enables customers to grasp every wealth growing opportunity with updated market information at their fingertips through their on line portal and full service advisors.

Each of the privileged Wealth Management customers will be served by a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager who offers tailored financial management solutions, including formulation and regular reviews of asset portfolios and investment strategies. Customers can also enjoy flexibility in managing their finances through an on line transfer facility.

In celebration of the opening of the new "international Client Desk", Dalian is pleased to present an array of new products to clients. From now until the end of the year DFR will be undertaking an aggressive marketing and expansion programme.

About Dalian Fortune Research

Dalian Fortune Research is a leading financial research and advisory company, offering tailored accounts and services to both domestic and international clients. Operating on over 50 markets worldwide and providing research for the banking sector and financial planning, advice and wealth management to a growing private client base.

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