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Do Atheists 'have higher IQs'???

The research analysed 63 surveys comparing intelligence levels and religious beliefs between 1928 and 2012

I am only asking the question, do the restraints of religion (Not God) make people less smart?


Now you know me, I am never going to hold back on controversial topics :D Not because I want to cause outrage or anger, but because I love to research, I love to find the truth in things, Sometimes I get it wrong, sometimes I get it right, same as everyone on Earth, in Scotland I am 7/10 clever at best, truly there are MUCH smarter people than me here. I MEAN NO DISRESPECT, If ANY religious people give me a hard time, you are proving my point. Talk to me, debate me, and tell me I am wrong, because RELIGION has ruined the World, the people in religion have. Also, I believe in GOD, I pray every day, I join no religion. I ask again, "Does God ask, FROM WHAT RELIGION DO YOU COME FROM" I can't buy into that. So who is right, who is wrong? what if just loving God as I do is enough?

So a study was undertaken, and this is what I found out... The conclusions were the result of a review of 63 scientific studies about religion and intelligence dating between 1928 and last year. In 53 of these there was a ‘reliable negative relation between intelligence and religiosity’. In just 10 was that relationship positive.

Even among children, the more intelligent a child was the more probable it was that they would shun the church. I did when I educated myself on how I feel religion was harming the World. But not the actual religion, the people in religion, they argue, nobody can say they don't, I have heard it, seen it, and the blog I done yesterday led to this blog. Did you read it? Did you have watch? to even watch the first 5 minutes? If not, you may want to, here: There is NO argument religion fights. I speak to Catholics, Protestants, Christians, and more and they all RUBBISH each other as if they are better. Sometimes I sit and just agree, but always I am taking notes to myself, so here we are, this blog led to "Hate through Religion" and "Does having no religion make you smarter" does it open your mind, does it allow your brain to think in new and different ways and not feel trapped in a religion? I know a few people who are SO TRAPPED in their religion, they are stupid, they think they are smart, but honest to God (Irony here) they are not close to smart, because their brains are PROGRAMMED to live in one way, to one God. These are hard-line religious people. Who stick to 2,000 year old values, I am only asking, how can one's mind move on whilst trapped in an old cultural way?

One of the smartest men in Scotland WAS a catholic, this is how he thinks now, the video is a minute long. I give you Billy Connolly who once was very religious, he educated himself, do you agree with where he is coming from. Forget the why and stay on the HOW, YEAH? You understand, watch this video

In old age the same trend persisted as well, the research showed.

The University of Rochester psychologists behind the study defined religion as involvement in some or all parts of a belief.

They defined intelligence as the ‘ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly, and learn from experience’.

In their conclusions, they said: ‘Most extant explanations (of a negative relation) share one central theme - the premise that religious beliefs are irrational, not anchored in science, not testable and, therefore, unappealing to intelligent people who ‘know better’.

‘Intelligent people typically spend more time in school - a form of self-regulation that may yield long-term benefits.

‘More intelligent people getting higher level jobs and better employment and higher salary may lead to higher self-esteem, and encourage personal control beliefs.’

Study co-author Jordan Silberman, a graduate student of neuroeconomics at the University of Rochester, said: ‘Intelligence may lead to greater self-control ability, self-esteem, perceived control over life events, and supportive relationships, obviating some of the benefits that religion sometimes provides.’

Research found those with higher IQs more likely to dismiss religion
another drawback to being religious, or at least Christian is losing out on top jobs, here in Scotland you lose out if your are Catholic, no argument, I live here, so people lie to get jobs. Is this what religion has done? Really?

Here is another video by Billy Connolly who was once VERY religious, he has a point, and I am not meaning to offend, I am building debate I hope, This was live in New York, USA

Research from the UK last week showed another drawback to being religious, or at least Christian/Catholic - you lose out in the race for top jobs. Official figures show nearly one in four people who have no religious belief now live in homes headed by someone with a senior executive job or a place in one of the professions. But well under a fifth of Christians are employed in the best-paid and most influential jobs or are married to someone who is, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The last census, carried out in March 2011, showed a fall in the number of people that call themselves Christian in the UK. Religion is dying in the UK and has been for many years, I see it more and more, but what I do see are people praying to a God they love in their own home. Is this wrong? Christian numbers in England and Wales, including children, fell by 4.1 million in a decade to 33.2 million. However there was a 45 per cent rise over the same 10 years in numbers who say they have no religion, to 14.1 million.

I mean no disrespect, I am asking a REAL question here, I don't question God, I know he is there, I do question the morality of Religion, but not the religions, the people in them. It is almost as if "My Religion is better than yours" I see. So please, make me understand, and please DON'T HATE ME, if you do, then ask if you have love and God in your heart.

More love, less hate


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