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Billy Childs Trio creates a Masterpiece at LACMA

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, June 13, 2007

The air was sweet that balmy evening at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art as fans enjoyed relaxing, drinks, and snacks at the Friday evening series of Jazz at LACMA.

But as the famed pianist, Billy Childs began to play the atmosphere changed into an unbelievable combination of arpeggios, chord changes, jazz, Blues, and classical interludes illustrated with exquisite melodies that set the night ablaze with passion never before experienced.

The gifted musician was accompanied by a brilliant bass player Hamilton Price, who danced his rhythmic changes. Mr. Childs’ solos swept the fans musically off our feet to a Jazz/Blues/Classical wonderland. An implausible drummer, Mark Ferber played hauntingly wonderful complement and exchanged a call and response trade of measures of music. His unspeakable beat spoke for itself in a compelling manner. Both musicians enhanced Mr. Childs in a profound way.

Billy played arrangements he wrote and Jazz Standards the audience was left memorized by the soulful complexity of his art. Billy's convincing and incredible interpretation after a Jazz favorite, "You Don't Know What Love is" left you feeling as if "you" and no one else on the planet knew…”what love was”

We all basked in the evening breeze. Billy Childs continued to tantalize us with measure after measure of tantalizing tunes. He used not only his skillful hands to perform, occasionally emphasizing his urgent message with an exclamation point by banging the piano with his forearm at the end of a phrase. Billy extracted a myriad of moving responses between himself and his trio while simultaneously enticing the audience with the Jazz frenzy “Giant Steps” Leading us to brink of euphoria with “My Funny Valentine” He concluded the evening love affair with the sensitive and alluring ballad Autumn Leaves.

The portrait painted before our eyes that night was nothing short of wondrous beauty with each stoke on the keys of the piano Billy Childs performed. The touch added by bass and drum musician only harmonized the depth and splendor of the music.

Indeed, a new drawing has been added among the great collection of works at The Los Angeles Museum of Art. If you missed this piece of art…look for its return for it was far too priceless to leave at the museum.

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