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Celtic V Barcelona – Pre Match Blog

Glasgow Celtic Manager Neil Lennon celebrates last seasons 2-1 win over Spanish Giants Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League

Game 2 in Group H, the mighty Catalan giants Barcelona from Spain come to Glasgow (Scotland) to face Glasgow Celtic in the Champions League. This is a BIG game



Well here we go again, Barcelona at home in the Champions League, I was there myself last year just got in for the display starting, main stand lower nearest the Jock Stein end, and I have never witnessed the ground like that or an atmosphere like it, I think anyone there that night will remember it for the rest of their life, it was just amazing, I don’t know if there are words to describe that night

So Tuesday 1st October, we do it all over again, and Barcelona have travelled with just 19 players, they are without a few defenders and Messi is out not available either, but they do have Neymar, and he is a class apart, I think Barcelona could play one at the back and we would still struggle, seriously going forward is where they are different class. Are they the best team in the World right now, I don’t know about that, but they are up there and are for sure the biggest club in the world

So who is missing for them, Leo Messi, Jordi Alba, Javier Mascherano, Carles Puyol, Isaac Cuenca and Ibrahim Afellay all won’t play. You look at them missing and it gives you hope but you have to keep in mind who they still have available, for any team to lose a player like Messi and still be ok to go, it says a lot about the squad. The last time we played them I was in awe of how little the players moved, they stood still and the ball just got pinged about the park, and I remember thinking “I hope we don’t go chasing shadows” and we never, we let them have the ball 30 yards from goal, we pressed but not onto the man, and we kept them to half chances and long shots, I think this would be the plan again

For us Ledley is out and that is a blow, I think we need a Ledley in there, but I think we will go with a midfield 3 Brown, Mulgrew and Commons, Forrest and Sammy on either wing, up front, go ahead and guess, AC Milan game I said Pukki and Stokes started. Back 4 we have, I think it’s a tossup between Matthews and Lustig if Forrest makes it, I think the back 4 will be what it was against Kilmarnock otherwise

We need to be compact, I think we have to spread the team out and stop them hitting it wide and force them through the middle. My main concern is Izzy at left back, he needs to really up his game on Tuesday, I think he will play and on his day will handle anyone, I just hope he is switched on

On these nights in Europe players seem to give an extra 10% to the Manager and fans, they don’t need lifted, a huge team talk isn’t needed, tactical stuff sure, but Lenny will just tell them to be tactically aware and go and relax, the players will know what they are doing, they each have a job and we need 11 men doing it well to get a result here. I think if we win this one, we will win the other two home games, I think 9 points will get us out this group, Ajax are going through a bad spell just now also. I think we can win all 3 home games and get out this group.

It will be big, it will be huge, I am excited already, and I only wish I was going this year, but I will be doing live text updates via TCN should it be in place. Not sure yet. To all who are going, get the voices going from first to last, 12th man, and carry the bhoys over the line again, the best fans in the world, we can carry these players to victory, when the crowds are low the players play less, on these nights, the players can become legends, let’s see how can become a legend on Tuesday, Tony Watt will be remembered for his goal, I hope the kid has more to come, Wanyama raised his stock that night, we need players who want it, need it, believe in it, feel it, will bleed for it, and I think we can do it. I am going 2-1 Celtic again

Reminder of the game last season, 2-1 win for Glasgow Celtic

We all know what this means, grown men cry, let’s carry the bhoys over the line once more



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