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Take the Pot and a Bonus to Boot with Bovada's Royal Bonus

by mgibson (writer), , September 27, 2013

Great opportunities to play game online at for guaranteed prize pools and Bovada Royal Flush Bonus.

Bovada offers you great opportunities to play poker online for money at Not only can you play for guaranteed prize pools, but you can also claim bonus prizes, like the vaunted Bovada Royal Flush Bonus.

At Bovada, you can play Texas Hold’em, the traditional favourite, or you can try something different and test your skills at Seven-Card Stud or Omaha, both of which are also available with Hi-Lo variations. It takes just a few minutes to get started with Bovada poker, and once you are registered you can choose something to suit your style of poker in guaranteed or freeroll games and sit-and-go or multi-table play.

If you want to play free poker, then Bovada is the right place for you. You can choose free games or you can opt for games with very low buy-ins. At 7.45 PM Eastern Time every day, you can get buy-ins to a $1,000 guaranteed prize pool for just $3.30. On average, there are 80 tournaments on offer from Bovada poker every single day.

As well as the many daily games, Bovada Super Sundays offer $275,000 in guaranteed prize pools. The big game on Sunday is the Big Deal, with a prize pool guarantee of $100,000. Even with the big prizes on offer on Sundays, the buy-ins still start at just $11.00. In fact, if you play your way in through qualifiers, you can start with a buy-in of just $1. Qualifiers are also available for World Series of Poker main events, so you can start with poker online free and end up playing for bracelets with the high rollers in Nevada.

With so much variety on offer, it is obvious that online poker USA is open for business. For the latest offers from Bovada, you can check the Bovada Facebook page. Getting in on the action is easy. It takes a matter of minutes to download the Bovada poker software for Mac or PC and complete your registration. The software is multilingual, supporting English, Spanish and Mandarin, and allows you to play simultaneous games on as many as 20 tables. It also supports anonymous play, download of your hand history and instant rematches.

To make the games even more exciting and the prizes even more attractive, Bovada offers bonuses. The Royal Flush Bonus gives you an extra prize to add to the pot and some extra fun to add to your online poker real money play. With a winning royal flush, you get a bonus of 50 times the big blind, up to a maximum of $200. It’s a great bonus to add to a great win, but there are some conditions you need to meet.

For beginner players, a clearer definition of the royal flush may be helpful. The royal flush is an ace-high straight flush. To explain further, a straight flush is a set of five cards from the same suit and all in sequence. A hand made up of the 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of spades, for example, is a straight flush. What sets a royal flush apart is that its highest card is an ace. The cards, therefore, must be the 10, jack, queen, king and ace of the same suit. There are four possible royal flushes, one for each suit, but the odds of getting a royal flush in Texas Hold’em are still very slim. It is the strongest hand available in Texas Hold’em.

You can claim your Bovada Royal Flush Bonus in a Texas Hold’em cash game but not in a tournament game. Your royal flush must use both of your pocket cards, and there must be a minimum of three players dealt into the hand. The game need not go to a showdown, but yours has to be the pot-winning hand. If you have a royal flush that is eligible for a bonus, then you have 48 hours to claim your prize by submitting the hand number and the table number. You can do this by calling 1-866-909-2237 or by sending an email to It can take up to 48 hours to process your bonus. Remember, there is no rollover for the Bovada Royal Flush Bonus.

Gambling should be entertaining. Remember that you always risk losing the money you bet so do not spend more than you can afford to lose. Bovada supports responsible gaming.

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