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Extremist religion and the cancer of hate it is spreading

Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) -- Several gunmen killed many in a religious killing spree asking them to speak a religious passage or die

An article about how we must face up to the issue caused by religion in a modern day world

This is about having a respectful way with religion but looking at educating people about this Cancer of hatred and terrorist cells through religion, they fight at will, kill easily and are happy to die for whatever religion they are battling under. When I often say religion is a problem, don’t think “He is talking about my religion” that is ignorance. It is time now for the whole world to wake up to extremist religion and ask why an abundance of young men are joining religions who will fight, kill and die in its name

As a species we are lost, I hear Christians mock Catholics, Catholics mock Christians and so on, are these people any better than an extremist 21 year old with a gun? The answer is no, these people won’t die with a gun in their hand but the DISLIKING of the other person’s religion IS the problem. I am half clever, I am not what you would call a smart lad any way shape or form, I post things here about Elvis and the Paul McCartney, I also post real things, I post anything, anything that I feel is worthy of debate or needs discussion

We MUST now as a species realise that organised religion IS AN ISSUE, we have it here in my country were you are a fenian or an orange bastard, I know the hatred, trust me on this, I don’t know the hatred of having a gun shot at me by a radical religious person however. But if someone calls me a fenian bastard, should I call them radical? What I am asking is, where is the line in radical religious hatred? of ANY kind, even you reading sadly, yeah, you who is of whatever faith and mocks with laughter over dinner whilst watching the X-Factor other religions, what is the difference, it is casing hatred right? Religion has had a few thousand years and made a mess of our world, it is time for a new approach, I am sorry, you had your chance religion, but you made our world bad, you made it a hateful place where the difference between idle hate speech and killing, for me, is one in the same, it's hate, and it is spreading and it will keep spreading, here in Scotland kids are born and raised to HATE the other half, so what is the difference? Am I wrong? Sadly I am not

I know one person sitting saying they don’t get a Catholics way might be Christian, or anyone from any religion could say “I don’t understand that religion” Then they start to speak with hate about this religion. So please, someone in the room tell stupid here, what is the difference between someone calling me a fenian bastard and someone wanting to shoot me because of my religion. Where is the difference?

I don’t care if this offends anyone, I don’t care if you are shocked or outrages, like many here I have kids and I have to look at a world, a world outside my window and a world I see on TV or on this platform here, the internet, all 3 windows I look out from, I see religious hatred

I will say again as I did before, religion IS NOT THE PROBLEM, PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM...

BUT...At some stage, at one point, we MUST turn to that religion, or this religion, whatever religion and ask the simple question

Is your religion one of peace, utter peace without an ounce of hatred?

If the answer is NO, then that is our problem, we just seen a MAJOR terrorist attack in a mall, some of the stories were outrageous, some sad, some brave. If we want to change our World, we must first ask why religion, or people in the name of religion are hating and killing

Not until we step beyond that question will we have a chance at peace, I am sick of one religion blaming another, stand up and look at your own first, please, for the rest of us I beg, as I said above, religion, you had a couple of hundred thousand years at it and blew it, move over, time to rethink, the world has changed way too much the books need to be re-read or re-written for the year 2013, we can't live any more by 4,000 year old text. Go ahead and pull my hair and give me a hard time, because if you do you are proving me right religion, give me your best hatred and let this blog be called correct, WAKE UP!

When you die, are you asked "What religion where you?" Think about it at least, use love to answer, I may be wrong, sadly I don't think I am

Shaun Gibson

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I was a Football manager then I had to stop because of the pain so took up writing. I am average, but the sentiment is there. I want to make this a better world I want to laugh. I have a partner and 4 kids, 2 sons who are older teenagers, and 2 daughters under 4. Share the care x
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