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Four Magical Words

by Coach Phatty (writer), North Jersey, September 20, 2013

Credit: Jakub Michankow via Flickr
A Wise Man

This short story illustrates a great example about most things that we experience throughout our lives…

Long ago an Eastern monarch called his wise men together and asked them to invent a motto, a few magic words that would help him in time of trial or distress. It must be brief enough to be engraved on a ring to be ever present. It must be appropriate to every situation, as useful in prosperity as in adversity. It must be a motto wise and true and endlessly enduring, words by which a man could be guided all his life, in every circumstance, no matter what happened.

The wise men finally came to the monarch with their magic words. They were words for every change or chance of fortune … words to fit every situation, good or bad … words to ease the heart and mind in every circumstance. The words they gave for the ring were:

This, too, shall pass.

It makes you think.....



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