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Wireless Electricity

by Ronald Hobbs (writer), San Francisco, June 11, 2007

A recent article (7 June 07) in the Boston Globe caught my attention. It was picked up by the major wire services, and even funneled down to USA TODAY.

A team of researchers at MIT succeeded in illuminating a light bulb, without wires, at a distance of seven feet. They have dubbed it "WiTricity". (Information abounds through search engines and the MIT website).

The impact of this result will change the world as we know it; soon I think. Once venture capitalists get in on the act, once the market makers see whats going on and open it up to the public investors.

Interestingly enough, the concept is not new-- the concept is not new, but like so many phenomena coming at us these days, the application is, and that is why it seems so late in making its appearance.

The MIT team, or The Globe, conveniently forgot to mention the work of Michael Faraday, and others, without whose research this success could not have obtained. The team's work is laudable, after all there is the application factor to be considered.

All that said, what can we look forward to?

A world without ten different wall warts and dozens of chargers, at least. Very likely there will no longer be a demand for laptop batteries; the cable companies (not the kind that beams television signals, the kind that makes connecting wires) will have to scramble for new uses for their products. Eventually I see a world with only one AC source, and beyond "eventially", perhaps none.

If you have an extra 10K idling about, you might want to take a look at this. Eventually is not that far away.

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