Sunday, October 21, 2018

Dalian Fortune Research Announces Expansion Program

China based, Dalian Fortune Research is expanding its role as a leading financial services advisor to overseas clients.

Dalian Fortune Research is expanding its role as a leading financial services advisor to overseas clients. The company is launching a host of new services aimed at targeting small to medium sized investors in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Australia and New Zealand. The new services available will be specifically tailored to investors looking for overseas opportunities in diverse markets, including.

·On-line Account Services

·Mobile App Development for Droid, Windows and Apple

·International Transfer Facilities

·Advisory (Broker Assisted), Execution Only and Fully Managed Accounts

·Wealth Management and Taxation Services

This new venture will include work by Dalian's marketing and press teams as well as the introduction of a new "International Desk" for multi-lingual brokers and advisors to better serve overseas clients.

"Because of DFR's proven success, we can deliver customer satisfaction and results for overseas clients efficiently and effectively," said Cheryl Leung, Dalian Fortune Research Head of Development, "I think what sets us apart is the all-encompassing design. Most companies won't provide this variety and caliber of services in one place."

The company is already in talks with a variety of potential international partners, including "Full Service" and Exchange registered companies.

Cheryl continued, "Our mission is to provide large financial results with a small company focus, we will lead with creative concepts, stand-out research and solid advice that will benefit clients of all sizes."

"When it comes to financial management, minutes count. You need a company with experience and a global network that understands the needs of the average investor and the importance of meeting deadlines and creating accurate and timely information. This expansion project is being driven with one principle in mind: to grow our overseas client base and make the company more effective globally, this is the next logical step. We have the team in place to do whatever we want to do."

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