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Liptember - Awareness for mental health issues for women

Liptember is thrilled to announce that with the funds raised over the 2012 campaign, we were able to fund the following programs and research:...

Liptember is committed to raising funds and awareness for gender specific mental health issues for women

Jens Daugther re ILLNESS
Kayla Tacken, a real person, suffering for real, please help her cause and your own perhaps. Do you suffer? Then help this young woman help you x


Above is a young woman, a friend’s Daughter who suffers what I call an invisible illness. We all have or know someone with one, an illness that affects not just the person but also family and relatives. I know from my own invisible illness it affects me, my family and friends, we need to find our own cures sadly as Government don’t really put too much into it

So here, I am asking you to look into your hearts and DONATE as much or as little as you can for Kayla Tacken above and the many Worldwide who suffer. I am part of many charities here in Scotland, looking for answers to help myself and others x

This was brought to my attention an amazing woman Jenny @ her daughter suffers, the same as many, and they started a site where THEY PLEASE ask for donations. I ask Word Press to please, have a look and give what you can. This is an illness that needs funding, these girls are trying, please, please help them!

Below is what I need to share, I BEG YOU GIVE AS MUCH OR AS LITTLE AS YOU CAN HERE: I did, it took seconds, and I helped, so can you x

This is NOT just an Australian issue but a WORLD WIDE ISSUE. PLEASE HELP!!!

Jennys daughter pictured above suffers mild depression and anxiety; she like hundreds of other women worldwide need to help to find out the causes. If ANYONE would like to donate to this please see the bank details below. Please ensure that you place her name against your donation.

HERE IS HOW TO DONATE: Liptember Foundation ?Commonwealth

Bank of Australia?BSB: 062 000

lAcc no: 1390 1111

Please, make a difference, don’t sit and think others will help, I ask you Word Press to go on and give as little or as much as you can. Look into your heart. Don’t wait till tomorrow, HIT THAT LINK AND HELP NOW, PLEASE! Xx

Here are good reasons

Liptember is committed to raising funds and awareness for gender specific mental health issues for women.

Through a fun, fresh and engaging campaign,

Liptember encourages women to openly communicate and familiarize themselves with gender specific mental health issues.

Liptember have formed an important partnership with health beneficiaries the CENTRE FOR WOMEN'S MENTAL HEALTH,

Who provide national research and programs for gender specific mental health issues for women and LIFELINE AUSTRALIA providing all?

Australians with nationwide crisis support

Liptember’s Objective

What is Liptember?

Liptember is all about having fun with Lipstick, for a serious cause; Women's Mental Health, specifically any form of anxiety, depression, post natal depression, menopausal changes, dementia and self image.

ALL FUNDS raised during the month of September are donated to Liptember's mental health beneficiaries, the CENTRE FOR WOMEN'S MENTAL HEALTH and LIFELINE LIPETTES register online and seek sponsorship from family, friends and co-workers for committing to wear the Liptember Lipstick throughout the month of September

Why Mental Health?

There is little mental health research based on women

More focus needs to be placed on treating men and women separately when it comes to mental health

Suicide is the biggest single cause of death for Australian women aged 18 to 34

One in three Australian women will suffer depression or anxiety during their lifetime

Women are more susceptible to anxiety and depression than men

Post natal depression affects 15% of women within the first year after childbirth

Who are we?

A demographically and socially diverse group of women and men committed to raising awareness of women’s health equity. Our priority is to improve the health of all Australian women who take on a myriad of responsibilities as mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, wives and partners........ Thus to improve the health of all Australian women will help to improve the health of the whole community.

The Liptember concept and strategy provides a gateway for much needed research on the lifestyle choices and health issues of Australian Women.


Q1.?Why the focus on women's mental health? Women and men can respond differently to mental health issues. Currently the majority of mental health research and programs are conducted on male subjects and applied to women. This has lead to many programs and prevention strategies missing the mark.

Q2.?Does women's mental health requires more attention than means? Certainly not! Liptember is all about identifying the differences between men and women when it comes to mental health and treating them accordingly.

Q3.?What are some examples of mental health issues that are gender specific? Issues such as Postnatal or Menopausal related depressions are perfect examples of mental health issues that are gender specific to women.

Q6.?How do I sponsor a Liptember participant?It’s as easy as searching the name of the participant or group into the search field in the top right hand corner of the Liptember homepage and follow the steps to donate.

Q7.?Where is my money going? ALL FUNDS raised during the campaign will be donated to the Centre for Women's Mental Health and Lifeline Australia.

Q8.Is my donation tax deductable? Yes all donations are tax deductable. Keep your receipt for tax purposes, which will be emailed to you after payment has been processed. The Liptember Foundation is a registered Australian charity with DGR status.

Mental illnesses affect women and men differently — some disorders are more common in women, and some express themselves with different symptoms. Scientists are only now beginning to tease apart the contributions of various biological and psychosocial factors to mental health and mental illness in both women and men. In addition, researchers are currently studying the special problems of treatment for serious mental illness during pregnancy and the postpartum period.

The mental disorders affecting women include the following:

Anxiety Disorders, including OCD, panic, PTSD, social phobia, and generalized anxiety disorders.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD, ADD)

Bipolar Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder


Postpartum depression

Eating Disorders


Some links so you know where your Money is going..

About the Writer

I was a Football manager then I had to stop because of the pain so took up writing. I am average, but the sentiment is there. I want to make this a better world I want to laugh. I have a partner and 4 kids, 2 sons who are older teenagers, and 2 daughters under 4. Share the care x
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2 comments on Liptember - Awareness for mental health issues for women

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By JennyT on September 05, 2013 at 06:21 pm

Shaun - Thank you so much for putting this on BroowaHa.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and Kayla’s for doing this HELP post for Mental illness, as you have written quite rightly, it is an invisible disease.These young girls who suffer need help with funding to try and find reasoning/cures as to why they are afflicted. So many suffer and answers need to be found in order to help them. The only solution at present is to go on medication to relieve the symptoms of depression or anxiety. I as a mother, Kayla’s mother do not want my daughter on medication. All mothers and fathers assume that because their child is born physically healthy that nothing will effect them mentally. I did not know when she was born healthy, that later on in her young adult life she would then suffer from these conditions, she is 27 years old.

I ask, your readers if they are able to donate to help fight this to try and find an answer.

Please remember to put that it is on behalf of Kayla. If you require a tax receipt, please email the Liptember Foundation and request one. If the direct link to Kayla does not work, please forward to the banking details that are above.

Thank you Shaun so very much for spreading the word in trying to help not only my daughter, but for millions of girls, young women and adults all over the world.

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By Shaun Gibson on September 05, 2013 at 08:00 pm

It was my pleasure...x

I understand what pain is and how it affects us all in different ways. As you will know also...

I hope people donate

Shaun x

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