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Cloud computing rides the wave of future

by jeffscott (writer), , September 04, 2013

Nowadays, we can see a whole enchilada from WiiU, to smartphones and tablets delivering all from standalone games to companion apps.

Cloud computing is a contentious force in the field of gaming. It is changing the way how gamers purchase and play and also delineate the way publishers and developers run their business. The gaming community has started realizing the importance it can yield on their industry.

The cloud is finding new ways to relegate traditional gaming norms though the fantasy would be a streaming service which is 24/7 online and where players do not require a physical hardware to enjoy the games they love.

Nowadays, we can see a whole enchilada from WiiU, to smartphones and tablets delivering all from standalone games to companion apps. Avant – garde developers are using the cloud to develop not just multi-platform games but also cross platform experiences. PC and console having become irrelevant console gamer can play with a PC gamer. As the industry heralds a new epoch of gaming, the competence of pioneering and clasping the cloud to compound and supersede traditional game design will set the successful apart.

For Gambling

By enabling operators to boost player experience at competitive cost, Cloud computing influences the imminent success of the online gambling industry. Cloud computing is essentially a prototype for deliverance of software service. Instead of server here resources are retrieved through web based tools and applications. In a nutshell, the user is not required to be present in a particular place to get access as the information is held in the ‘clouds’.

Cloud computing allows employees to work remotely in top Online Casino UK companies. The staff just needs a electronic device (tablet, smartphone , personal computer or anything that has web access). This measure helps the companies who don’t own their own servers in terms of cost cutting.

Some Grosvenor land based UK casinos have already started reaping the benefits of migrating to IGT Cloud a few months back. IGT's UK game library and enhanced analytic reporting are readily accessible under the deal. Before taking real time decisions, preferences and player behavior can be analysed by the same.

Cloud computing in a nutshell innovates at a lower cost and less maintenance and majorly reduces the companies’ expenditure. Thereby players get flawless gaming experience; as their casinos are quite dynamic with more promotional offers players are surely engaged. There are few top online gambling companies where cloud computing can be utilized by the players in entirety: 888 Casino and Bet365 Casino to name a few where players can place bet in – play betting thereby reducing dormancy and boost results.

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