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It's not your Grandma's Root Beer Float

by Inmyredhead (writer), A beautiful west coast place., September 02, 2013

Credit: inmyredhead
A summer update on an old favorite.

Venture out of the old and into the 'newer' with an updated version of a simple, sweet, summer treat.

It's not rocket confectionery. In fact it's a flavor combination just as old fashioned as the original Root Beer Float it's self. But the version I've been addicted to this summer is much more crisp and refreshing.

This summer mix up your ice cream beverage with a twist. Try an Orange Creamscicle Float. Instead of Root Beer use Crush brand Orange soda. Or Sunkist. But not Fanta. Unless you like a nice metallic taste with your float. Sorry Fanta. I'm just sayin'.

But a nice true Orange soda with a creamy Vanilla ice cream is a SIMPLE yet satisfying new kind of treat. Mmmmm.... just the name 'Orange Creamscicle Float' brings an excited anticipation to dip into the creamy yet crisp concoction.

Why do I love an Orange Creamscicle float so SO much? Well, take the original Root Beer version: although the flavor combinations are undeniably complimentary, the flavor profile is .... heady. Warm and complex. It feels more to me like a fall selection. But when I think of summer I want something light, fruity, uncomplicated and bright flavored. Orange and Vanilla are as classic and complimentary as Root Beer and Vanilla. It really is actually a very old fashioned idea to mix the two. Try it. You'll like it. And I'm here to encourage you to break out of the routine of doing things the way you are expected. You don't have to be super creative or a sweet genius to put an Orange Creamscicle Float in front of your guest or family. And surprisingly some people don't like Root Beer. Go figure. Lucky for them they make Orange soda to put your ice cream dollops in.

Who knew!?

And why stop there? Is there anything wrong with Strawberry and Vanilla? Someone should try it. They might like it. I say 'someone' because I personally can't stand the overly sugared syrup to carbonated water ratio. But hey, who am I to judge? Some would call it sacrilege to put anything other than Root Beer in a glass with Vanilla ice cream.

Be a rebel. You know you wanna.

*For an even better Float experience, my family loves to collect the long red plastic spoons we get from the occasional Dairy Queen Blizzard. What better tool to reach those little lost, flavored soaked, frosty dollops of ice cream?

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By Coach Phatty on September 04, 2013 at 08:43 pm

Hmmmmmmm....! This sounds like a great idea!!! Thanks for sharing this :)

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By Inmyredhead on September 06, 2013 at 02:44 am

Thanks! I'd love to know what you think of it when you do!

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