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For Hire: Former LA County Sherriff turned Publicist.


Lindsay's got one. Britney's got one. Hell, even VHI golden child, New York, has one.

I'm not talking about a communicable disease. I'm talking about a publicist; And Paris Hilton just hit the motherload.

There are thousands of publicists in Los Angeles. Each one of them moving and shaking, manipulating the pages of gossip magazines all over the world for the sake of their celebrity clients.

Need to go to rehab? Linday Lohan's girl Leslie Sloane Zelnick will get you thirty days at Promises and a pity-party on MSNBC.

Want to be seen with someone to boost public awareness? Kathy Griffin's people can get you and Nick Carter on the cover of US Weekly.

But if you need to change the mind of every person in the United States, who do you call? If you're an heiress-turned-amateur-porn-star facing a 45 day sentence, the answer is..

Lee Baca.

That's right. The soon-to-be former LA County Sherrif can invoice the Hilton family for the magic trick he just pulled off.

Friday morning Judge Michael Sauer brassed up his balls and ordered Paris Hilton back to the Lynwood clink she was released from early Thursday. Although Paris was said to be crying and shouting as she was escorted out, there's no doubt she's been made aware of the events that have transpired since.

Paris walked out of the Lynwood facility the focus of the largest national hatred since OJ. Emails jammed the inbox of every news organization in the US. People called for a boycott of Hilton Hotels. People criticized her. The public was finally over Paris Hilton.

But that was not to be.

With Judge Sauers decision, Paris Hilton walked back into the Lynwood facility a crying, scared young vicitim caught in the middle of an unneccesary ego-battle between ruler and enforcer.

It's a publicists dream and it played out perfectly.

Client is sent to jail, then released to the dismay of the entire nation. Then, in a power move, forced to return to jail after believing the nightmare was over.

A photo of a crying and hysterical Paris Hilton was all it took to turn her from public enemy #1 to America's Favorite Socialite once again.

In twenty-four hours, Lee Baca and his cast of characters from the comedy "California Judicial System" created what has become the biggest and most effective publicity stunt in the history of Hollywood.

Welcome to the game, Mr. Baca.

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By Geddy on July 01, 2007 at 10:34 am
Yep....not what you do but what it LOOKS LIKE you do!
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