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Why does google insist on punching bloggers in the face?

by thebritishmenu (writer), Leicester, August 26, 2013

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My face with a cloud full of internet thoughts

Recently I discovered that googles panda algorithm enjoys flogging it to the blogger, and I was not amused.

For those that do not already know me, I am a food blogger, a blogger - that like most, just wants to sit, write, drink large amounts of caffeine and project my thoughts and recipes onto a computer screen in the hope that few or many will read them. Also like many I have this un realistic idea that I should be able to do just that without any form of punishment, I mean it's not like I'm doing anything wrong is it?

So why then does the giant internet eating machine that is google want to penalize the hard working blogger for no apparent reason, and if there is a reason then why not use the novel and new invention of communication, something which normally begins with opening the mouth and exhaling breath over the larynx to form words, or in this case an email, a telephone call, maybe a carrier pigeon, or maybe even just a simple piece of code or software that tells the blogger that they have been penalized and what they can do to correct it. End of sarcasm.

The problem I have as a food blogger is a thing we all take for granted, which is time, I have very little of it, and very little patience to boot. My days are already filled with promotional activities, photographing food, recipe development, writing the book, that I really could do without googles blogger bashing antics and almost illuminati secretive ways of search engine practices.

When did it become so hard to be a blogger?

I think the biggest reason is spam, and not the stuff you cook with. Spam is a huge blight on the internet and comes in so many forms. Content scrapers and farmers, viral marketers (whatever that is), make money online sites, comment spammers, email spammers, sites selling fake Chinese watches, those annoying sites that promise to increase your traffic ten fold for a small fee, inadvertently turning you into a spammer as well. Those sites with a badly photo-shopped Ferrari and wedges of cash being held by a perma tanned self proclaimed internet oligarch giving you BS about how much money they have never made.

All this spam has drowned out people like me. The normal hard working blogger now has to get a degree in what google is currently thinking just so that the next algorithm won't beat the living hell out their blog traffic. I lost around 80% of my traffic last year due to having 1 recipe in 2 categories, something I did to help readers find recipes better suddenly meant I was producing duplicate content and as such google penalized me. I say this is the reason but I can never be 100% certain. or so and I still have no definitive answer as to why. Google has a huge monopoly on not just bloggers but the internet itself.

I like to think that as far as bloggers go I write pretty well, I like to think that there are people that enjoy my writing and ultimately enjoy my food, and that's all I've ever wanted to do. I have since learned not to put all my faith in google, and I clearly need to diversify my traffic sources, It looks like I will probably have to re address my SEO too, the problem is it bores me, and as I sit here writing, I think to myself.....

What happened to just blogging?

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By anuerin on September 06, 2013 at 06:35 am

No doubts that you are a writer because your mind speak through writing and sentimentts from your heart is sense in every word that you wrote.

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