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Male Disposability And Marginalization

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Here's a chance to be your own social analysts: So many folks are leaving the ideology of marriage, Notably the institution is on its last leg, oddly enough very few inquire. Maybe you can tell us why

Marginalization means that one group of people are denied things that others are allowed, treated as insignificant.

When we talk about male verses female privilege, and the examination of those various denials, this should lead us in the direction of understanding just who in our society is being marginalized and disposed of like old inoperable appliances, and who really has privilege in society.


Like not getting taken seriously when crying rape?

Like not being protected by the law when they become victims of violence by another demographic of people?

Like not having any affirmative quotas in life to give them a hand up when they fall in life?

Like not having a say whether or not their offspring is aborted?

Like being told to man up and take it, when complaining about an injustice?

Like being financially responsible for their offspring, while being denied visitation to that offspring?

Like being guilty till proven innocent when accused of sexual misconduct?

Like being guilty of fathering a child simply because a woman wrote your name on the birth certificate?

Like being forced to pay child support even when the DNA of the child doesn't match?

Like being forced to join the military being forced to kill or die simply because of your gender?

Like automatically being considered the aggressor in all domestic violence situations due to ones gender?

Like being put in jail in a domestic dispute because the police policy is to place the larger stronger person in jail when ever unresolved disputes of violence is reported? [traditionally the male goes to jail regardless of his role in the dispute]

Like being publicly exposed to the media when accused of a sexual crime without publicly confronting your accuser? Because of the "rape shield laws" that were lobbied by feminist, women who falsely accuse men of rape are protected from media coverage so their names are never released to the public, but the names of the accused are always released. many of these men have been killed by vigilantism, or committed suicide. The female once discovered to have perjured herself is released without legal reprisals only to do it over and over again. I ask you, where have all the good men gone?

Like being socially responsible as a gender specific demographic [male] while the opposite gender [female] is held immune to those same social responsibilities?

Like being the butt of the joke in the media, commercials and in society for years and no one considered what this would do [psychologically] to the next generation of young men or to the male child?

Like public male bashing, humiliation before groups of women, being verbally abused, violently attacked in public while either everyone stood by and did nothing to stop it, or they just laughed?

Like being made to feel [by some female teachers, social workers, mothers, sisters] like you were incompetent, hyperactive, or unintelligent , unfocused, like your complaints didn't matter, like you were unable to learn simply because you were a normal healthy boy? [female teachers generally grade male children according to their behavior rather than their scholastic acumen and academic abilities] [white female teachers do the same thing to black male children, only with the bonus of racial bias and cultural misdiagnosis attached, [A.D.D.-Attention Deficit Disorder in children- It is unprecedented how so many male children throughout the ages have been diagnosed with A.D.D and so few females have] and you want to know, where are all the good men, in college, in church, in social clubs? Black boys because of their normal hyperactivities [BIOLOGICAL, AND CULTURAL TRAITS THAT ARE MISUNDERSTOOD BY OTHER RACES] they are placed in special ed classes given Ritalin which stagnates the growth of their present and future education.


(Medicine / Pharmacology)™ a preparation of methylphenidate, a drug related to amphetamine, used to treat attention deficit disorder in children

Dear god, I get it now teacher. Men are marginalized...

Although I added a few extras the props for this information should go to "RazorBladeKandy" on YouTube, a video called "The One That Broke Me".


American men today are under female supervision, scrutiny, and criticism from the cradle to the grave. Women have become everything from single parents [generally that means that they are never home and the children are door latched key kids raising themselves], to teachers schooling boys from a female perspective, while telling boys how to be men. You see men! Are not born men, they are born babies, and then grow into adult men. Many women seem to forget this fact when they say that men are unable to catch up academically or match them in the corporate world, or be on the same level in some way as today's modern women. They tend to forget that their daughters can read, while their sons can not, that their daughters love school while their sons despise it, they revel in the fact that their daughters went to college while marginalizing the fact that many of their sons were killed in the streets or went to jail. Why is that? How did two children of diverse genders from the same home turn out so differently? What makes this gender result general across society for most males and females? [males usually fail while females are successful] How was it possible that males today traditionally fail in this society after having an historical record of success in the same society? All of a sudden up pops feminism, now nobody can find a good man with a degree or a job. What is more strange and interesting is that the investigation of male problems and the reasons for their problems are not noticed in society, neither is it examined, or researched, the social analysis has yet to begin. This demonstrates how minuscule the male issues and problems are regarded by society. [particularly by women] Generally while calling for equality, feminist labor, demonstrate and have advocated that males should be over looked and trivialized within American society. But the reality is that males have always overlooked themselves when it came to supporting women. These were lessons males learned as children.


If you really want to analyze which gender has privilege in society and which one doesn't, take this test. Using a pen and a paper, making two list [two columns] one female, and one male.


Name five or more [as many as you can] legal reasons or benefits for a modern women to get married. Then name as many as you can [five or more] for the male column. Your final result will be your analysis and your answer to the problems of modern day marriage confusion. Why so many folks are running from the institution.


Make another couple of lists [two columns], one female , one male, only this time name five or more [as many as you can] legal disadvantages for getting married for females, then on the other column do the same thing for men. This part of the analysis will undoubtedly show the disparity, the acknowledgment of incentives and the various problems that each gender individually faces when considering marriage from a legal observance.

Try the same test with different headings like"social duties" expected of each gender, "Political responsibilities" of each gender, " military obligations" of each gender," parental obligations" and so on. you tell me who has privilege, historically, and how that privilege is maintained today.

Remember if you can only record five for each then which ever one has the serverity of those problems must hold priority. For example: dying weighs more than being under paid.


Do your statistical research before answering these questions

Which gender historically worked the most strenuous and dangerous jobs?

Which gender was socially expected and politically required to enlist for military service?

Which gender died more as a result of activities, jobs, or societal duties that was expected of them?

Which gender received more violence in society?

Which gender is killed the most in society by violence?

Which gender was, and is the primary inventors?

Which gender has the most legal power in a marriage?

Which gender has no authority over abortions?

Which gender can opt out of parent-hood once pregnancy occurs?

Which gender traditionally desires marriage more?

Which gender traditionally desires divorce more?

Which gender commits suicide the most after a divorce?

Which gender commits suicide the most after losing a job?

Which gender has the most people in society?

Which gender have historically made the laws?

Which gender is jailed the most in society by false accusations?

Which gender established and maintains the current laws for feminism?

Which gender is more concerned about the well being of the opposite sex than their own gender?

You can take it from here.


Society today is controlled by the mechanizations of feminism, government further sanctions, supports, and protects the feminization of society, cradling it like a new born babe. Understanding that the more feminism thrives the bigger government grows the greater the power of government over its citizens, and greater economic stimulation is enacted [women spend more money than men, therefore women rule in politics, divorce court, in child custody cases, media outlets and society at large]. Historically America produced the best scientist, the greatest inventions, the most dynamic arts, the greatest engineers, eager solders, men who volunteered, highly educated men, West Point candidates, the best trained and skilled labors, the best cooks were men and so on. Today at the rate that we are going everything will decline, The American technology and invention is falling, the once dangerous jobs that men normally took are now being overlooked, the need for a wife and family is no longer seen by men as a viable option, so many of them, are gladly passing that notion by.

The decline in male participation in society, in government, in overall relationships will eventually have a devastating but lethal effect on American culture, society, and government. However this synopsis can only lead to the decline, collapse and eventual destruction of society, should feminism continue to push the envelope.

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