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Why We NEED to Live and Let Live More

Why we should all try to allow each other to live and let live, allow opinions and just be happy for each other

Live and let live, allow opinion, don’t get involved in shit you shouldn’t and maybe, just maybe, we give ourselves a better chance as a species of moving forward on many fronts.


I write this blog for reasons other than living a life where people refuse to live and let live, I mean in real life, if someone wants to have sex with a Sheep, I won’t be best pleased about it, but who am I to judge, just an example by the way

Who do some people think they are by judging others, especially from afar, are some people perfect? I say ALL THE TIME I will always take opinions onboard, allow opinions, because I sure as hell don’t know it all, so neither does anyone. I have a family member, I call it the “Double Glazing Effect” They got double glazing windows then they felt they were above everyone else

I see it online, people giving people a hard time as they are perfect, I laugh at them, and shake my head, as the irony of it all just amuses me. Why can’t Person A let Person B live their life the way they want to? Why must people get involved in things they need not get involved in? This blog is nothing to do with anything on Word Press or Face book, just observation

As a species, we Humans just can’t allow opinions without falling out, I come across others like me, but VERY few and far between, where they see an opinion they don’t necessarily agree with, but allow the opinion as it is that persons opinion, I think if more of us done this, the world would improve. It is always “He said, she said that he said he said that she said that I said that…..” you get the drift, and I just smile and look the other way. I respect opinions, even I in my mind I am like “What” You know, allowing others to breathe they way they want

Realise you don’t know it all, I don’t know it all, I will be the first to admit I learn EVERY DAY, I learn a lot about my disability online from people with amazing advice, so why can’t we live and let live? This is no new phenomenon here, this has been going on for centuries, and people even die over lack of allowing or agreeing to disagree on opinions of many topics

Live and let live, allow opinion, don’t get involved in shit you shouldn’t and maybe, just maybe, we give ourselves a better chance as a species of moving forward on many fronts. Sadly we get the “Double Glazing Window” crowd who raise themselves above everyone else in some kind of ritual of “I am better than Mr Jones next door” PATHETIC I hope you agree, and just an opinion also, if someone has a shit life, talk about it, blog about it, I do, I have a shit life in pain, so I blog about it, just my way, I don’t blame others for my pain, it came, it’s sore, and I just get on with it. Again, it MUST be a Scottish thing, because here, we really don’t do this, so seeing it elsewhere is an eye opener, I am not saying it does not happen here, it does, my own family, Mr and Mrs Double Glazing Windows are part of the few who do, and this is why I love Scotland, we settle things like men, or strong people, face to face, or not at all

Just my opinions here, I may be wrong, but I hope you can accept them, because I will accept yours, but I guess the World is full of sad bastards who just can’t allow an opinion or allow themselves to see others happy, the stories I could tell on jealous idiots who do awful things in the name of ”Refusing to live and let live” These gossips with nothing better to do in their shitty life so they make themselves feel better by judging others, if I had £1 for every Gossip I have seen, I would be a very rich man, why do people do this? Gossip? Get involved with things they need not? Hurt friends? Think they are above others? Me, I am above nor below anyone, I am just a dick with a keyboard to be fair, nothing more, nothing less, I live on an Island I am as important as a Cow in a field eating grass if we are being honest, but ALWAYS along come Mr/Mrs know it all with the “TRUTH THAT WILL SET YOU FREE” :-) GET A FUCKING LIFE!! It me be the Scottish in me, but Scottish people don’t really do gossiping, we just hit each other till one stays down, cultural differences, all it is, seems harsh, but I would rather stand toe to toe with a man than gossip about him, again! Just my way, an opinion, I may be wrong, I probably am, but I may be right, I don’t know, I am just speaking out loud here, some need to have a long hard look in the mirror and feel the SHAME of being so sad to be a gossip and make others life hell, or bad or whatever, I hope you agree, it makes sense

I will let Paul below say it better than I ever can, it is 5:30 AM here, I can’t sleep, due medication in half an hour, in agony, but please know this blog comes from the right place

More love

Less hate


About the Writer

I was a Football manager then I had to stop because of the pain so took up writing. I am average, but the sentiment is there. I want to make this a better world I want to laugh. I have a partner and 4 kids, 2 sons who are older teenagers, and 2 daughters under 4. Share the care x
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5 comments on Why We NEED to Live and Let Live More

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By riginal on August 26, 2013 at 12:49 pm

Shaun great stuff. That bit bout people f......g sheep worries me? Are you sure they're not just trying to pull the wool over their eyes? Maybe they were overimbibing in sheep dip? Or, overdipping in...naah!

Serious, watching a program on tele as to the immense benefit of medicinal 'grass' as a pain relief but i guess you would have knowledge of same. Young girl you may have seen,epileptic, stopped 'fitting' after being fed nominal doses of above. Your blogs remind me so much of a Texas 'straightshooter' 'Scorpian'. On this site. You may have read. You both have a very similar 'thought provocking' style. Take it easy/rest. We're a bit like sheep in a lot of ways, and if we don't stop being herded by the dogs of war and strife and governed by bad policy and imagined slight we could also end up shafted with no visible means of support except a pair of muddy gumboots worn by a political dipstick. Mind you, i'm not saying politicians on the whole do that sort of stuff...i mean they wouldn't have time as they're too busy doing to each i've herd? Cheers...

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By Credo on August 26, 2013 at 02:53 pm

What is it that they say? Opinions are like an [as sole] every body has one. It's ok to have an opinion, it means that you are seeing the world through your own eyes. Wisdom challenges us as opinionated creatures, to continually examine our opinions.

Flexibility is the key, shedding the stuff that is harmful to your life, while permanently securing those things that enhance it.

Only you can decide what changes you should make, and consider the pros and cons before making those alterations in your life. The sheep thing is a definite harm to the community, it might spread some new disease or something.

Well, think about it.


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By Shaun Gibson on August 26, 2013 at 07:37 pm

Thank you for 2 good comments. This was a "Moments" blog I guess. I didn't intend to do it, it just happened. I think some of these blogs can be the best as they are more real. IMO..

At the bottom of the blog I mention Paul. It should be have been this song here.

Hope the coding gets fixed soon..

Thank you for the replies/advice.


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By riginal on August 26, 2013 at 11:42 pm

One shouldn't monkey round with sheep,or hang out sheepishly round monkeys.Humans were originally plonked on earth to make things batter? Maybe the drunken chef should just continue to batter fish? Beer battered fish. And a glass of earthy plonk.Sorry, make things better. I see on 60 minutes whale population is expanding. Apparently they travel for thousands of nautical miles without having to eat a single Japanese fisherman! Hopefully in hindsight with mutual respect the Japanese will see the significance of "live and let live?" Funny how when species are totally devoid of contact with humans their numbers increase. Naah. Must be a coincidence. Shaun my advice on anything to do with nothing is completely free and unadulterated with common sense. I'm working on a plan to transpose Tasmania and England. If you could spare the time could you cut England's roots and row it down under. Who am i kidding! One can never cut an Englishman's roots! I mean i'm rooted in Australia. So to will the whole populace be after the next election. Shaun we have weekends here. AND a day off for the Queen's birthday! Tempting?

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By Shaun Gibson on August 26, 2013 at 11:53 pm


I dislike Westminster and the Torie/Libem pack and have NO time for the Queen. A lot of people outwith the UK are shocked when the realise the disliking of them Royals is rife. The media keep them in the view, but they are disliked, last Royal liked was murde...She died, Diana...

And PMSL @ Apparently they travel for thousands of nautical miles without having to eat a single Japanese fishermanRead more at

Love your humour mate. I hear the Scottish and Aussies have a very similar humour level. I don't dislike the English people, I got family there, just English Rule

Saorsa don Alba

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