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Money Talk$ and Pari$ Walk$

by D. E. Carson (writer), , June 09, 2007


Memo to Paris Hilton: next time, have your best friend Nicole drive you around Los Angeles for hours on end in a slow-speed chase with every member of the Los Angeles city and county constabulary on your heels. Make sure to be carrying a small firearm and keep it pressed to your head to keep anyone from trying to stop you, and above all else, never, ever...

Yes? No, I didn't. She did? Are you kidding me? I'll keep that in mind. Bye.

Paris is back in jail. This time at the Twin Towers facility in Los Angeles and not the "Club Fed" facility in Lynwood. She is to undergo medical evaluation and resume her 45-day jail sentence. Nevermind that catering trucks were seen arriving at her Hollywood Hills home today in preparation for a party Hilton was planning for this evening with 400 of her closest friends. Guess that little shindig isn't gonna happen.

The saddest part of today isn't that the party is cancelled (and now I'll have to find something else to do this evening. I'm sure someone out there has a suggestion, but it can be kept to self as I'm not interested). The saddest part of today is the melodramatic end to the hearing, which lasted about an hour and a half. Hilton was ordered to return to jail to finish out her sentence. No sooner had the words from Judge Michael T. Sauer left his mouth than Hilton broke into the most immature display of "spoiled brat". First, she screamed, then she began wailing, "It's not right!" then came the icing on the cake when she began crying for her mommy.

Please. A 26-year-old baby. How sad is that? I'm sure great-granddaddy Conrad Hilton is turning over in his grave. Hilton's parents should be embarrassed beyond words. Their humiliation from their daughter's tantrum in open court should send them into seclusion for at least six months.

Speaking only for myself, I have not one iota of sympathy for Hilton or her parents. Her parents are failures at teaching her responsibility and self-respect. Hilton herself could have made out like a celebrity bandit in the P.R. arena if she had stuck out her sentence. She could have refused the offer to go home yesterday and stayed in jail, getting out in about 23 days or so for good behavior. As it is now, Paris Hilton is a P.R. pariah. She has destroyed her celebrity image with her outburst in court today. As Bill O'Reilly might say, "She's finished." It doesn't matter what she does from here on out, she will always be remembered for her "poor little me" show. She showed her true colors today playing the spoiled little rich girl who throws tantrums when she doesn't get her way. The best advice she could get now is to do her time quietly, then quietly go home and lay low for a while. For all of the millions of dollars her parents have, not one thin dime of it can salvage her reputation. That can only come with time. Somewhere down the line is another celebrity who will take the spotlight off Hilton and she can slowly work her way back into the Hollywood social scene. It's not likely that her show The Simple Life will survive this P.R. hit, especially with its other star Nicole Ritchie facing some legal problems of her own, but who knows.

This whole brouhaha (no pun intended) has shown that people still demand equal justice under the law. It also shows that not even Los Angeles county sheriff Lee Baca is not above the law. It was not up to the sheriff to decide to release Hilton, that right, Sheriff Baca, belongs solely to the court. That is how our justice system is supposed to work. It is supposed to take people who break the law off the streets and demonstrate to the rest of us that those who break the law will be caught and punished.

The fact is simple: Paris Hilton broke the law and now it is time for her to pay the consequences. Had it been you or I, there wouldn't have been enough speed to get us into (or in my case under) the jail and that nothing short of a highly contagious, communicable and incurable disease will keep us out of jail -- and even then we would be held in solitary in the infirmary. Thanks to such goofball organizations as the ACLU, prisoners have access to the same or better medical care as most civilians. There is no malady Paris Hilton can have that cannot be treated in the prison infirmary.

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By merijoe on June 09, 2007 at 09:52 am
Good article-reports that this is not just about "The Paris" this is about other things, human rights, correct justice, favoritism I personally dont think Conrad would be "rolling in his grave" he is the ringleader of this dysfunctional-narrcistic-arrogant family and his bad habits were handed down the line. From his drink excessively to his beating of women (just ask Elizabeth Taylor,I think he was number 1 of the married parade) Yes, and the article shows how insincere/hypocritical she truly is, Remember the statement The Paris released on sunday before she left for jail? How she is scared but is accepting her punishment, and she chose county jail to serve her time, because she wants to SHOW everyone how she is not like she is portrayed by everyone. (are you portrayed as, spoiled? crybaby? whiner? no, we dont think that of you anymore-you marytar, you) Dont forget the family friend who was heard conversing with The Paris's parents sayin "they're mean, arent they" Im crackin up Real world meets the privledged. Do that reality show Paris and Nicole
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