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The NSA: Snowden Told You “What”… Now Learn How and Why

In 2010 the National Security Agency (NSA) taught Edward Snowden how to turn the world's largest spy agency inside out.

MOSCOW, Russia – Edward Snowden, hacker-fugitive and former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, revealed Tuesday that a series of solar flares is set to occur in September, killing many


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Since the name “Snowden” hit the collective perception and we were all clearly informed that the NSA is, in fact collecting data about us – specifically our digital communications – a great deal of debate has ensued arguing about whether or not there is a rational reason to believe that this is true. Further many people draw conclusions about what purpose wholesale domestic surveillance might serve.

I count myself among those seeking to understand this issue and answer these pressing questions.

Over the years many of us have learned that every new story will go through a period where every persons pet belief manages to find a foothold ( Yes, dear readers, social engineering is MY pet belief so I am not excluding myself at all here! ) in every new theory… So with the Snowden revelations ( such as they are – my feelings about Snowden and just how revelatory his “leaks” are have been stated previously ) we find ourselves wading through rhetoric from all corners… Right wingers insisting that this is a shot across their bow and an effort to silence them. FEMA believers telling us that this is the end game before we are all housed in camps. Alien believers postulating that the aliens are behind it all. Philosophers waxing on how if we all actually live in a matrix… maybe the NSA is seeking to take control of that matrix from the higher power.

Much of it gets lost and degrades into Obama based circular argumentum infinitum.

What if I told you that there is a better answer than the above? What if I told you that programs already out in the open have flatly told us what Bumblehive, in Utah, is meant to do? Would that catch your attention?

Because that is exactly what I am saying right now.

Flatly put – The purpose of Bumblehive is to enable the government to watch us, as a group dynamic, in real time so that propaganda can be regulated and controlled for maximum effect as a means of total social manipulation and control.

Bumblehive is the ultimate interactive social engineering and control tool.

Bumblehive is the device Orwell warned us about. It is Big Brother made real. It is the lynchpin that will enable government, the military, media, telecoms, and corporate interests into a single power – with the sole purpose of controlling the masses for profit.

This tool will allow the government to judge our reactions in near real time and will enable them to disseminate the necessary propaganda to neutralize any breaks from the median.

Welcome to the ultimate enslavement. Welcome, my son, to the machine.

The Slides

Snowden is not the only one with slides! I have some of my own! In fact if you follow this link – you will have them too! Fresh and directly from the source!

This PDF and slides are dated July 14, 2010 ( Awesome… my birth date. Oddly enough also the date listed as Spongebob Squarepants DOB… though that is another thread altogether ) and they come from The Moves Institute – part of the Naval Postgraduate School. It should be noted that the things discussed in this PDF are not restricted only to the Navy. Each branch of the military, as well as the DoD and NSA also have parallel studies and divisions – something that was told detailed last year … Though, at the time, the specific applications of these programs were not as clear to anyone. Recent revelations and a few connected dots later – it makes more sense, though the basic assumptions remain. Controlling what the population thinks is the future of warfare. Where once we needed force to make people capitulate… now we just need effective propaganda. Real time interpretation of that propaganda and the effect it is having on the populace IS the KEY to ensuring large scale acceptance of control.

I have long said that FEMA doesn’t need to build camps… your job, mortgage and taxes are camp enough. Your lifestyle is the bars of your prison – this technology the jailer.

Though these slides get specific to Theaters of Operation outside of the US. I think it is quite safe to say that if a brainwashing technique works on the folks in Uganda, it will work on folks everywhere – including at home.

Let’s get into the slides.

For these first few slides I will simply include text – as they are full page slides with little on them and posting pictures would take up far more space than this approach

Irregular warfare. A violent struggle among state and non – state actors for legitimacy and influence over the relevant populations. Irregular warfare favors indirect and asymmetric approaches , though it may employ the full range of military and other capabilities, in order to erode an adversary’s power, influence, and will. Also called IW. (JP 1 -02)

This bolsters what I said above. Through asymmetrical techniques, specifically the analysis and control of information, the need for standard military activity is minimized or negated.

The focus of IW is the relevant populations, not the enemy’s military capability.

A flat out admission that violates all known rules of engagement and tells us what we already know… War is no longer about armies. It’s about the people. They are ignoring the enemy forces and focusing their attacks upon the people. WE, dear friends ARE the people.

IW operations are necessary when insurgents exert more influence on local population(s) than the national government. Setting the conditions to permit national actions to influence the local population is the crux of the IW fight.

Replace the word “insurgents” with the words “reality” or “the truth of a situation” and you’ll see the reason for my disgust. The implications are staggering and evident. This machinery is designed to control perception.

Two important things I wish to highlight from this slide:

Data is the key to developing credible and relevant IW Methods, Models, and Tools (MMT).

While this seems fairly innocuous a statement – once one combines this with the staggering potential data processing capabilities of the NSA’s new Utah facility… Well it all begins to come into focus. If data is the key, then the ability to access and interpret that data in bulk and in real time is surely the most relevant aspect of the key.

All MMT developed will be government – owned with unlimited rights to maintain and operate.

So much Orwellian nightmare in this one sentence that it literally makes me shudder! ALL MMT ( methods models and tools ) will be government owned with UNLIMITED rights to maintain and operate.


This slide is a double edged sword IMO. Yes, it would benefit both a nation, and its soldiers to have specific training in psychology and sociology as a means of “winning hearts and minds”. With that much I do agree. But as the “Vision” section hints towards – there is a lot of potential for abuse here.

Mastery of the social, cultural and cognitive factors that optimize the war fighter’s ability to influence human behavior in the full range of military operations.

When we begin discussing things like “mastery” of “cognitive factors” are we not beating around the bush? Let’s call it was it is. Manipulation through brainwashing.

I have included this slide because one thing jumps directly out at me… Business school.

If this technology is 100% “government owned with unlimited rights to maintain and operate” – as quoted above… what is “business school” doing on this list? Is this an indication of oligarchy? Of Corporate control of government? Or is it an indication that government has “drafted” all private business into their purvey?

I have included this for the benefit of the scores of people calling for insurrection in western nations. This is exactly what you would face if a condition of civil conflict were to arise. These techniques would be employed in addition to armed response.

To me this is the most damning and troubling slide and admission in the entire bunch. This is nothing short of a flat out ( and three year old for that matter ) admission that social networks are watched and manipulated for strategic advantage and effect. Sorry Snowden… you showed up to this party late.

The most horrific thing said in this slide – one that I think many people will read directly past – is the following:

Results and conclusions from our analysis will provide insight into:
•Which individuals or clans the government forces should attempt to convince to turn against the insurgency.

Let me qualify that in simple English – Social networking is being used to determine which of us can be turned against the rest of us. Read a political thread lately? Think that this model might already be in play here in the US? I do.

At this point the 2010 document ends and an additional, slightly older document begins, dated June 1, 2010 ( Not my birthday nor Spongebobs ). Some of the telling hints contained within this section are:

Understanding the population – Understand the influences on and behaviors of the population (to include linking actions and events to possible outcomes and effects).

An innocent enough statement until it is tied in with domestic spying and social engineering – at which point it becomes a fairly blunt overview of how to control an entire population for effect.

Understanding data – Fitting models to, and developing data analysis and visualization tools for, existing operationally relevant data to better understand existing and proposed influences on operationally relevant populations. Understanding survey/polling data, temporal and geo – spatial data are critical need areas.

Again, seems innocuous enough on the surface… until one understands that what this is actually discussing is the manipulation of data ( read information ) for the purpose of behavioral modification / societal control.

Task 1.1 The Theory of Fundamental Human Needs: Computational Representation and Integration (Baez, Gibbons, Perkins): This work takes a conceptual model of the Theory of Fundamental Human Needs (Max Neef) and integrates it with the implementation of the Theory of Planned Behavior and the Narrative Paradigm to provide a computational representation compatible with the CG model.

The implications here are easy to see… using human needs as a tool for manipulating populations. Bought gas or food lately? Shocked at the prices rising, but just suck it up and buy it anyway? Guess what? Your human needs are being manipulated for agenda. Specifically speaking – the removal of security and comfort to illicit a focus upon basic survival as opposed to paying attention to what your government is doing.

Task 2.2 The Role of Economic and Social Conditions on Violence Generation (McNab, Guttieri, Sarkar, Bailey, McGinnis, Wallen): This task creates a relatively simple tool to examine the underlying distribution of violence and provide analysis as to whether a steady – state level of violence exists in a specific geographical area. The proposed course of research employs empirical methods from the disciplines of panel data analysis, time series analysis, and statistical inference to examine hypotheses related to the formation and distribution of violence. This research will utilize data from Iraq, and will seek to find similar data from Afghanistan for research purposes.

Violence generation… analyzing how to utilize an understanding of violence as a tool of social engineering and social control? Trayvon anyone?

Task 3.1 Perceptual learning training strategies for culturally relevant indicators of threat behavior (McCauley, Alt):This effort will seek to apply techniques from the scientific literature on “perceptual learning” to identify observable behavioral indicators among individuals in a crowd or on the street that provide information regarding the intention of the individual in question. The goal is to enable Soldiers and Marines to discern ordinary from threat behavior in conflict environments by creating model functionality for integration into a training tool.

The recent spate of folks being arrested for Facebook posts… Does this sound familiar now?

Task 4.2 Design and Development of Agent – Based Models for Human Behaviors (Jaye, Blanken, Burks, Nannini, Darken ): This task provides an overview of modeling social phenomena in general, and focuses on the application of agent
- based modeling to human behavior.

Well, damn… the entire cat got out of the bag at the end there…. a flat admission that total social and behavioral engineering is happening. Who’d have thunk it?

Closing Thoughts

In the course of researching and writing this OP I found myself starting at profiles and CV’s of several of the people mentioned by name in the PDF. Ultimately I opted not to discuss them as, when looked at as a tapestry, none really appeared to be anything resembling a mad scientist or willful tyrant. They all seem like cogs in a machine… worker bees who don’t care about the big picture and only focus upon their tiny area of expertise or work. Sadly, this reminds me of a book by Hannah Arendtcalled Eichman InJerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil which takes a person we perceive as a monster and shows the truth of the matter… he was simply a cog in a machine who wanted to be socially accepted and was willing to do horrendous things for petty and selfish reasons.

That is how I perceive the scientists and soldiers currently working in these programs… People doing some of the most unfathomably evil and destructive things, but not quite understanding it all and rationalizing that they’re simply surviving and taking care of themselves or acting out of a skewed desire to belong or a misplaced sense of morality.

The collection and interpretation of data sets can be a powerfully positive and blessed thing for humanity. Diseases and congenital defects are now near daily cured or brought one step closer to a cure because of the blessing of computers and their abilty to process vast amounts of data ( The entire human genome comes to mind ). Applying this technology to entire populations could also be used for so many amazing things… not just crap marketing and social engineering… Sadly not many people seem motivated to find new and exciting uses for this technology ( Something I earnestly pray changes soon ).

But this? The above? It is morally wrong on so many different levels as to be criminal. In fact “criminal” is not nearly a strong enough word in my opinion. It is my heartfelt feeling that this stage of American history will, in the future, be referred to in the same tones as Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany are. Shameful periods of time when psychotic and selfish men managed to sieze power without regard for others. This is a dark, dark age we enter into…

And it’s only just beginning now.


If ever a country needs to wake up, it is now. I have posted as much as I can regarding this, as the PAIN, GOVERNMENT CONTROLLED MEDIA WON’T. I know many Americans will think twice about replying, and I don’t blame you, but you can reply going through a proxy server like this: Just stick in this URL and you are safe, in-fact you can do it for ANY topic, you are hidden, This NEEDS debated, your Country is now a POLICE STATE!! Here are some replies from User’s in the Forum:

This scope of technology and behavioral modeling/manipulation has been the fervent wet dream of dictators forever. There’s only one thing missing in their cheerful projections: The volatile nature and resourcefulness of subjugated humankind. Their happy ending will be denied. At least that’s my theory….

How’bout….FEMA camps Because of aliens? I think all the major theories are correct in the fact that plans are in place and time, to the illuminated, is event based…There is no real date, but that Irish gambling site got shutdown right after taking off the bet for public disclosure of aliens, so that leads me to belive it should happen in this year and no layman should be allowed to profit from it LOL. The fema camps will happen and the wont even be able to hold one tenth of the population should you all surrender so there will be people trying to break in …its gonna be some good material for comedy in the future.

I blogged about this myself, remember? So I am not the only one! :

SUPER EXCELLENT POST AND THREAD. S & F Should be required reading . . . of all students from HS on up.

. . . and all Christians . . . and other church members.

THANKS for your great work. I pray many read it.

Here is the whole thread here:

Act now, or pay soon, really, I can’t press home the importance of what A HERO Snowden is for the USA and it’s people!! You guys should be supporting him, but I hear and see fear is stopping you from doing so. If so, that is sad for you all, and what does this say about the USA?

What happened? Nazi Germany Started this exact way. Be careful, but wake up. To anyone wanting to call me “An American Basher, PLEASE READ THE BLOG’ I know you are reading the headlines. One in particular replied 30 seconds after a 10 minute blog with “American Hater” This person is denying ignorance, they are ignorant but deny it, or the are a paid member of the NSA trying to discredit. Either way, take a fuck to yourself, friends of mine from the USA are going to get hit hard, and I give a shit! Read the blogs PLEASE

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