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creationism vs evolution

I just can't see that picture EVER being true!!

A discussion, I hope where we can all get together around a table with Tea and scones and debate this topic. There are questions. Big bang theory is ONLY a theory.


Before I go and write, I am on Morphine, in agony and bored out of my SKULL. No excuse, I am just saying. I like to thing I am clever, I believe in God, but have a hard time with Religion and what Jesus was meant to have done, and all these bibles and religions confuse me, so PLEASE, let’s discuss this as adults, if it becomes VERY religious and people argue, then you are proving a VERY bad point.

One god, one bible, and the world would be a better place, I see a world at War, and I see kids getting killed and starving to Death while greedy bastards in suits look at their stocks and shares. I am “Live and let live” kind of guy, I believe in allowing opinions, it’s called courtesy yeah?

So when good things happen, “God did it” Every time. I lost my pain for 2 weeks and many said “Your prayers have been answered” And honest, on my kid’s life, I appreciated the words. Now the pain is back, do I blame God? See where I am going here? We can’t have it both ways, he either helps all the time or doesn’t. If God can help, then why doesn’t he stop kids dying? I had a relative die aged, like 2 of Cancer, is that God’s will, or does “Shit just happen”

So the big bang theory, I don’t buy it, BUT there is proof that was shown by NASA showing everything in the known universe moving away from a central point, so maybe. But it is a HUGE leap in, not faith, just logical thinking to say “Nothing, then a bang from a one singularity” then life

Same leap of faith I have a very hard time with (And MY GOD I TRY) when people try to convince me Jesus did all these amazing things. He way have, but there is NO proof, and please, don’t throw scripture at me from an old book, and whatever book it is, there are about 20! I asked Bishop Eddie Tatro “What Bible” He gave a slight laugh (Real cool lad by the way) and sent me this so I will read it and hope it answers my question.

So Evolution, here is a question, when I ask a religious person, I get no answer “God’s will” or something comes back at me. If “IF” We came from Monkeys, why are there still Monkeys, and why is there NO SIGN OF WHAT CAME BEFORE MONKEYS? Follow? Where is it, there is NO PROOF

I said above there is SLIGHT proof in the big bang theory, as we can see clearly that the galaxies we can see are moving away in a circular pattern from a central point, but we can only see 1% of the Universe, so more proof is needed for me. For me to just believe Jesus did what was said, I would be lying to myself if I said I believe. Often I think, is this blind faith, as there is NO PROOF, Just a bunch of old books. I am a man of Science, it is still a young thing Science, it is still learning, but it can prove my eyes water so they don’t dry up and how my lungs keep me alive, PROOF. Science is not perfect, but 100 years ago people thought the world was flat, some idiots still do! So we have a LONG way to go as a species to understand and get to grips with this subject. For me, I am on the fence.

But there are a few on here, I do talk to them, nice people, I respect their ways and their will, but PLEASE if I ask you a question, answer as YOU, don’t throw scripture at me, answer as you would if I said “How old are you” This blog was in NO WAY intended to offend, anyone who TRULY knows me will realise, this is just me asking questions. Because I believe in God I want to ask more questions.

So I will stop here and let the debate begin, for the LOVE OF GOD keep it civil and debate, discuss, let me learn, don’t argue and help me and others find the way or the path, because throwing scripture at me bores me, badly, I want to hear opinions, I want to see proof. The dinosaurs died and I ask what did God do for 65 BILLION years? Is 65 Billion years to us 7 days to God? I have created an EASY answer there, see what I did :-)

And here is a question, and one, again, I hardly get an answer for.

“In the beginning God created man….” Em no he never, he created Monsters.

Can I get an answer to this? Don’t PLEASE give me “Gods will” or “Gods way” Just answer the question from YOUR mind, God never created the earth with Man. It was big huge Monsters who would have killed us all had we co-existed, and science is CLOSE to proving we did, but I doubt it

Let the debate begin…I ask people who will “Like” this to find it in your HEART to comment for once. Why do people just go down reader and “LIKE, LIKE, LIKE, LIKE” The other day, someone liked about 20 of my blogs in under a minute. Very fast reader or “Whatever”

School me, OH, “The big bang THEORY” Yeah it is just a THEORY, Till SCIENCE can prove or disprove. Some will get all offended here, I just know it, because there is no answer some will just all hate filled and go in a big huff, I ask you don’t, find that good old love in your heart and TALK and debate..


More love, less hate


I believe in God, but I find this offensive..I know Gay people, they breath and laugh and everything...

I believe in God, but I find this offensive..I know Gay people, they breath and laugh and everything… And we have FUCKING lawlessness NOW! WTF!

About the Writer

I was a Football manager then I had to stop because of the pain so took up writing. I am average, but the sentiment is there. I want to make this a better world I want to laugh. I have a partner and 4 kids, 2 sons who are older teenagers, and 2 daughters under 4. Share the care x
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8 comments on creationism vs evolution

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By riginal on August 28, 2013 at 08:34 am

You may think you're average Shaun but you're well above it and through your pain even you make such commonsense in your subjective opinions and thoughtfulness it's painfully obvious you haven't stopped questioning and thinking, i suspect there's a fair dose of goodly Godly intent in your reasoning. Whether you like it or not. Don't ever lose it...there's a God buddy, and you aint that far away methinks.Keep is as clear as mirrored glass, it reflects...and it has taken a shine to you my friend.

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By Randy Mitchell on August 28, 2013 at 10:08 am

Shaun, I'm a Christian and believer in God. Just to get that out up front. A belief in God is all about faith, not so much a need for proof. The Big Bang Theory may be a true theory, but look at it this way, perhaps that's the way God made everything happen. HE caused that reaction which created the universe. Science, to me, is the study of what God did, what he's created. God's mind is so completely above ours that it would take an eternity to scratch the surface of what he's capable of. Faith is the answer to a belief in God. Again, science is the study of what he's created. You can't see air, yet there it is all around us, keeping us alive. Just one example, yet something to ponder.

None of us will ever know the answers till we pass away and everything is revealed. And only then will the truth finally be known.

I'm definitely not a Priest or Reverand so I can't go into the details of the Bible or other book of religion, but, to me, how unlikely is it that the earth and the universe were created just by coincidence? For me, there had to be a thought process behind it, and that means God.

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By riginal on August 28, 2013 at 04:29 pm

Well said. Perhaps we are living a predetermined dream. A sort of confused temporary reality much like Jim Carey in the serious comedy where he thinks he's the master of all he surveys only to finally realise his life is pre-planned/governed and out of his ultimate control which he thinks he has. Only to crash through the sea/sky cardboard backdrop and realise how controlled his life really is. Yep,i believe that we are placed here by at least something far greater than our significance and understanding, and 'real' life begins perhaps after death. Where never is heard a discouraging word...and wars are not cloudy all day, especially lately. Let's hope sanity prevails. Some people unfortuneatly make it their life's purpose to denigrate and destroy other peoples right to a free existence and the striving to make a decent go of it, by distorted warring intentions thinly disguised as a self-proclaimed religious fervor to wreck and create as much angst as they can just because their lives are a litany of self-imposed meaningless rant and void in the scheme of things. Karma waits impatiently...

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By Shaun Gibson on August 29, 2013 at 04:51 am

Good comments lads and I can't really argue or add much, I had 3 experiences with God, and I felt it as well as thought it. Religious is where I have the issue. It is as clear as day religious people don't see it. I speak to Catholics and Christians from all over the World; they hate each other and have a go at each other’s religion. This is all over the World I hear this, and I speak to Hundreds via Skype and did a bit or Radio before. Maybe I am seeing it wrong, but I sure am not looking for it, I don't look to blame religion for tension. Living here in Scotland we have this People die still and from where I look, it is hatred by a majority for the sake of it. I live in a religiously tensious Country where a man who played football for a living nearly got charged by the police for crossing himself before a game of football (The game above) as it was said he was causing anger. If so, why take that anger? Decide to ignore it and go with your God and your ways. This is why I stopped writing Football here in Scotland, I got a Death threat. So from birth I was brought up in a culture of hatred, so I ask myself, how bad is it in the Middle East?

I also believe in "Something" Higher than us, a supreme being, I call that being God. Coming back to the Big Bang Theory, it is just a Theory, until science calls it either way. In Europe they built the large hydrogen collider to find the “God Particle” or the “Higgs Boson” They found something, but it’s not clear as to what they found. For me, I am more science, but through the events of feeling God’s work, I believe Science and God can co-exist and I know many who do also. Eddie Tatro who joined here lately, brilliant writer and he is a man of science as well as a Bishop who sits at a table to decide and debate things. An extraordinary man I speak to a lot. But everyone will be different and opinions I guess in the end are all we are left with, the only think anything can prove is science, anything else is a belief or faith in something. I once asked a Catholic Priest if God was like the placebo effect, Father Jackson and my Mother were not amused, lol But I had to ask, I was younger and rebellious, but it went down like a lead balloon and I got slapped on the back of the head :0) But this is how I thought as I got older, I walked away from Catholicism and still do, many Priests do awful things to kids and get protected, and “if my Mother read this I would be killed you know” hidden away, for me they should be before a judge and in jail. This is why Shaun and the Catholic Church fell out. I am 40 now so can make my own mistakes and errors and learn from them, I remind my Mum “I have 4 kids and more money than you” and as we say in Scotland “Gies Piece Wumin” = Give me some peace woman... lol

Thanks for the replies lads, I enjoyed reading, I love opinions, even if I don’t agree, I think it is important to allow opinions still. They make the World go round after all.

Cheers Lads

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By riginal on August 29, 2013 at 08:02 am

Don't know whether you agree or not Shaun but i believe that everyone is born with a degree of "doing the right thing" which can become, through being exposed to different influence, distorted. I don't believe for instance you have to be Bible-bashed from birth to be considered worthy of a place in Heaven or wherever good people reside. My dad worked 7 days a week and didn't have time for church but he had time to lead us 10 kids by example in that your conscience overuled any misgivings you had about cheating lying etc. And he swore but he'd extend a hand to anyone in need. Boredom sets in when i see/hear religious theatrics/fire, thunder, by some of our well dressed tele evangelists strutting their staff. Only my opinion. Just can't help feeling there's a hidden agenda somewhere? Just imagine if only for one day every single living person on this planet did the right thing. No lies, group hugs, helping each other out. The works. Would that scenario pon one special day make God,Police, Judges,etc obsolete? If that time were to be extended would the tele priests be affronted, disgusted,afraid that demons and the banishment of, would lead to mass tele preacher unemployment? What then would the earth be like if we could go back in time and remonstrate with Adam and Eve to do the right thing? No evil, no wars, no breaking of commandments.But everyone still had a free will...albeit a wonderful caring sharing one! People not scrambling over each other like dung beetles in a race to reach the top of the pile...afraid of sinking back down if their motions aren't perpetual. Could mankind survive this holocaust of goodness? After all, goodness survived a holocaust. Maybe Adam and Eve need an en core apple? The one day of goodness/peace was practised way back when in the midst of a war. On special occasions the opposing soldiers downed their weapons, shared a friendly respite,then went back to killing each other! Has much changed over the centuries? Or do we just wear the trappings of a more modern technology? And hate from a longer deadly distance? My missus just told me to stop typing nonsense...if only for one day. I told her i would,just to keep the peace...for one day. Shaun do you believe people can talk to the dead? My missus said she converses with one all the time?

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By Shaun Gibson on August 29, 2013 at 09:55 am

I don't believe I can talk to the dead no, but I can take their words and use them to better myself, so I can't talk to them face to face, but I can use their words and actions from the past to perhaps better myself..Make sense?

I don't know what you mean by hidden agenda, from whom to where? I hope not me, as this is not my way, I am honest buddy, always, if it wasn't me, sorry. lol

I post things that relate to what interest me. Creating debate or discussion is what we do when we post something, be it here or on a blog. As I look for God I NEED to get feedback as I can’t do blind faith, some can jump in, some can’t, I wish I could, truly

This world you talk about (Utopian for a day) is the complete opposite of the movie just out called "The Purge" where for one day of the year, any crime can be committed, murder, bank robbery etc and it is allowed. The picture painted of a Utopian World we both know won't ever happen, it never has, it never will, but we can dream for sure. My Dad was the same as yours, hard working lad, in the end he taught me well; he is my teacher in life now. From a life of pure evil and crime came a man who now fosters kids and would give you his last. He used the words of our ancestors to change himself. He isn’t religious, but he believes in a higher power and says often “I cry for Humanity” And the older I get, I do also.

I was born into this I am the small lad in the boat. I try every day to better myself, to learn how to be a better person, to live with pain that burns and eats me, to put my pain to one side and just be better, give something back. 15 Years as a football manager I was “Shaun the Football Guy” This is the day I became me, and not “His Son” A HUGE moment for me. So I wasn’t born into “Doing the right thing” I was showered with Money and taught wrong, bad, evil. I had to meet a young woman when I was 15 who showed me a new World I never knew existed, it is all in that guest blog I did. Hardest thing I ever wrote. So to answer your question, sadly, not everyone is born with a sense of “Righteousness” in them, and that is sad. My 2 sons work hard, my 2 daughters (4 and 3 years old) will be taught similar values and to be good people. So my kids were born with a way of doing the right thing.

I live now the best I can to the 10 commandments, I truly do, and if when I die I am turned away to an existence of everlasting fire and hell, that is an unjust God. But while I am here, I will believe in him and try and stir debate and discussion about a topic that I need to know about. I find some get very upset very easy when you question religion, and this is not my purpose for asking, I ask because I don’t know. So the problem is elsewhere, after all, again, we can ask questions. I hope so anyway bud

I hope you read that link there. And also I hope I have read your comments as was intended.

Keep well mate, and thank you for the comments.


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By riginal on August 31, 2013 at 10:10 am

Shaun you have no hidden agenda just facts/observations,some may find confronting but then doesn't any sort of mental thought/change promote some sort of new awareness? Was just thinking about two opposing fighting children taken from the early Belfast angst and shipped to Australia where they got on marvellously...two mates. That's why i believe that indocrination/implemtation from an early age especially of extreme facets of religion handed down over centuries doesn't bode well for impressionable young minds. Especially as they will one day have to bear the yoke of responsibility and hopefully fairness gained from a rounded upbringing/education outside of some instilled beliefs. For instance do you think areas like Afghanistan with so many different factions fighting for control will ever be settled in some sort of mutual harmony? Some of our own so called democratic 'discussions' on the tele between religious leaders get so heated and adamant with constant raucous interjection from each other that is only quelled by the moderator's interjection "let's move on." On that note i'd better move on wife has me in a headlock! She's going to the footy tomorrow and i'm pretending to be an opposition supporter. The things i have to put up with would make a grown man cry. But i suffer in silence Shaun because that's what we men do. Women are just so lucky to have us don't you think? I've lost count of the number of jars i've had to unscrew, The wonderful exotic meals i've prepared, the babies i've had to sit up all night with! Until the night i found out i was in the wrong house! The flowers...the chocolates. The early morning dew falling...because we can't afford a roof. Yes Shaun us men are a tough breed. Must go mate,i've cut my finger and my missus said she'd kiss it better, and warm my electric slippers up. Then fill them with water. Yes...women tend to love us in a very strange way. Almost too strange...

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By Shaun Gibson on August 31, 2013 at 10:41 am

LOL!! There you go again

@ The wonderful exotic meals i've prepared, the babies i've had to sit up all night with! Until the night i found out i was in the wrong house!

Your patter is AMAZING.

Back on topic, where I live, East Coast, I have friends of all faiths, and in the West it happens also, and in Ireland, It is just an issue. I working with kids for 15 years, I told them "Hatred will get you nowhere in life" I didn't just teach them how to play soccer, I taught them how to be decent young men, and most are now as they are older. We all have a hand in making sure the future generation is Educated well. Sadly in Scotland, grown men have Kids and teach them hate. Hate is taught, and this is a big issue here in Scotland, but I guess it is worse in the Middle East where it tribal almost in places..

I get your point mate, I truly do, and taken on board.

Still laughing, your some boy... lol


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