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Positions, Designations And What Not ...

by Tajammul Kothari (writer), Bahrain, August 06, 2013

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Ego & Positions

People's perceptions of classifications.

For the life of me, I don’t understand the reason for people being obsessed with positions. Every individual wants to have a certain designation in their lives so that they can boast about it to their fellow human beings.

Is a title or a designation so important that they cannot do their normal work without it? Whenever a person is asked about their career; they proudly brag about their position and to confirm quickly give out their business card.

Humanity appears to have reached a man’s designation is of more value than the character of the man. It seems that one can attain anything in life just by using one's position. This obsession doesn’t stop with individuals. It applies to countries.

If a person is living in a particular developed country, he is considered above the rest and in this case a man’s designation doesn’t matter as the country compensates for the lack of it.

In the olden days, people would work will little if any concern of one's position but now we see designations coming up on a daily basis, some of which are unheard of; just so that they can fleet up an ego or tow.

What is true, is that the men and women who matter and contribute most are often those who have no specific designation. When we enter a plush mall or a five star hotel, we feel a sense of goodness from inside; but have we ever realized how much toil, sweat and hard work went into the creating the experience, from the workers, who have built these luxury places?

These are the people that work tirelessly day in and day out, just so that people of "position" can feel pleased. Even the home that you live in was built by the labour of hardworking people, from timberyards and brickyards, to steelmills, yet how often do you stop to consider or think about them?

Man, by nature loves to be around clean surroundings and if a person comes across even an iota of filth, he becomes jittery. But how many of us really think about those people who wake up in the early morning hours to keep out streets clean?

If it weren’t for the sincere duties that these men perform; the whole world would end up like a garbage bin.

These are the invisible men and women who are rarely, if ever, thanked for their contributions and they certainly are not handing out business cards. And when we come in contact with them, we quickly run forward for the fear that their stench will cling.

These are the people who don’t care about any position or designation but perform their duties with full sincerity, so that we can walk the streets and go to places with ease.

The point being made here is even though, every individual in this universe has job to perform, for this world to evolve, let’s not be too concerned about our positions and consider our work as just work and not something to flaunt.

Let’s start applauding these unsung heroes who toil hard without ever complaining so that we can live our life in comfort.

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