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Meet the Bastard Children of the Neo- Modern Art Movement

by Venditto (writer), Sty Town, June 07, 2007


For the past five years or so there’s been a healthy artistic anarchy brewing beneath the Highline on far west 21st street. Right under our collective nose nests a hive for,” artists, programmers, hackers, activists, technologists, kids, and adults,” to study, create, and collaborate on images that marry the sultry sexiness inherent in the world of computer programming with the sweetly misunderstood progressive neo- modern art movement.

The result: Eyebeam! A warehouse sized imaginarium that acts as a live studio replete with physical labs and computer work stations. The functioning studio part of the space is a two story area separated from the rest of the building by a glass wall. A hand painted sign on the wall, “WE FUCK HERE M- F 10-6” screams of opportunity for those brave enough and talented enough to seek it.

Yet, that’s not all kids! Under the same rood resides an open, free exhibition space. From now until the end of August that space is home to some of the genius creations conceived by Eyebeam’s industrious, uninhibited residents.

It’s called SOURCE CODE and it’s a 10 year retrospective of programming, Eyebeam style. I visited Eyebeam the other day, completely sober, to check out the scene. I left the joint riding a natural high, imbibed with the exuberance that only a truly unique New York experience can instill.

I went to review the show for UNCOOLKIDS.COM. Here’s a wee bit of what I saw:

I Shot Andy Warhol By: CORY ARCANGEL

The basis of this piece is the classic Nintendo game Hogan’s Alley. A game originally released in 1985 and designed to be used with the Nintendo lightgun. The object of the game was to shoot gangsters while not shooting innocent bystanders.

Well, this dude reprogrammed the game and titled it “Shoot Andy Warhol”. The title screen shouts out the name at the viewer. Then the next screen, just like the original game gives you simple instructions:

“Shoot Andy’s Only”. Then it shows what Andy looks like. Don’t shoot: the Pope, Flava Flav, or the Colonel, all followed by their 16 bit images. Trust me, it’s as hysterical as it is subversive.


This is an incredibly detailed model of the Titanic that’s about five feet long. Circling the model is a track that slopes up and down like the humps of a roller coaster. Riding this track is a camera and a spot light that flashes every few seconds.

Behind the model is a ginormous screen projecting exactly what the camera circling the lil’ Titanic sees. Because of the hilly shape of the track and the intermittent flashes of light it looks like we’re watching a movie of the Titanic bouncing around on the high seas in the middle of a lightning storm. Pretty clever, no?

There are a bunch more pieces on display, but words fail me. This is an experience you need to see to believe and enjoy.

You can catch the coolness Tuesday thru Saturday, noon till six until August 11th. Eyebeam is located at 540 w21st street. Check out their website ( for other super cool details.

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By Venditto on June 07, 2007 at 10:49 am
i heart you lettuce lady.
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By S'up Y'all!!! on June 07, 2007 at 01:24 pm
You penetrate me, Venditto, with your acerbic wit and sick nasty writing style!
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By Venditto on June 09, 2007 at 09:45 am
amamzing descriptions
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