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Seasons Of Life

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opening my heart to rebirth...

The human life has seasons , much as the earth does. Each one with it's own particular beauty and power.

Searching, seeking, wondering, looking, curious, acute observation....After so many years , at last I do accept who I am. The journey has been incredible, piercing my heart and soul at times. Throwing me into the pits of Hell on earth , wanting me to learn wisdom inside this evil. I have strove to grow with each tear. Sometimes with success, other times simply buried in unknowing.

I have danced in the purest joy in abundance. Surrendered myself to living through eternal loving grace. When I thought all was lost, I found a new destiny to lift me. Opening my heart, I move on. Once again searching, hungry for life's meaning.

Sometimes I search deep within myself and all I can envision is a cold and vacant place ...My inspiration frozen in time and space. Glazed over with frost which glistens below the surface. My breath is heavy, trying to expand this cage hanging in the air, on this journey to the unknown.

The ice caresses this journey with a hue of yellow and purple. Melting into the clouds above my thoughts. The wind is blowing gently, the white snow drifting through my unbridled thoughts.

The sting of these ice crystals nipping at my skin, yet buffered by a more powerful force of spirit. The clear pure image dissolves inside my soul and melts the frigid illusions into my psyche . Lifting my paralysis of this writer's cramp. My mind opening to embrace the joy and beauty blessing my eyes.

I now jump into the cold water , as it was as a child...feeling the first shock of the blight of emergence. I surrender feeling as in the summer when I jumped into a cold lake.

The jolt awakens, showing me visions unknown waiting for my acknowledgment . I am yet to know what this is, why this is, or where it will take me. I simply open my mind relinquishing the need to control or judge. Embrace what is given in a wisdom beyond my own knowing.

I am threading water till I lay back and float, reaching a universe of my own creation. I am afraid to breathe, to disturb this wonder within my sight and soul. I let go...feeling the amniotic fluid from which I was born into. Mother Earth surrounding me and holding me safely to its breast.

I am drifting as if dreaming, the mist carrying the new water the offspring, pregnant with their own ideas and fulfillment of dreams put to motion.

The seasons of life, waiting to blossom into the joy of awareness. I see hope on the horizon, the melting of the barren birthed into inspiration.

I move from my place of comfort to foretell another journey of my soul. Into the new dawn of His creation. Thank you.

This written today while meditating.

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4 comments on Seasons Of Life

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By Coach Phatty on July 19, 2013 at 07:06 pm

This was a very descriptive and creative way to share your thoughts about the "seasons" of life. Very nice my friend!

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By Barbara MacDonald on July 19, 2013 at 07:24 pm

Thank you Rich, it was a bit of an experiment to see what I would write while mediatating. I enjoyed writing this. :-)

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By Uttam Gill on July 25, 2013 at 10:22 am

Barb, this is a creation of a mind which is in complete state of peace. You have woven a semblance of thought with absolute delicacy and one who reads certainly gets over whelmed by the simplicity and depth of your feelings…No wonder why you always write so beautiful and I know that it is because of your true self…In curiosity I am treading each word with respect to tranquility which has been so beautifully transcript here…Amazing…Barb certainly one the best of blog of yours…Keep writing…So proud of you…Keep it Up

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By Barbara MacDonald on July 26, 2013 at 08:31 am

I do mediate to find that place of peace and also to open my heart to what God wants me to know. I had wanted to know what would naturally flow from this mediating , just letting my thoughts flow freely through me...this was the result. Thank you for your beautiful comment Uttam. :-)

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