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Last Words

by Coach Phatty (writer), North Jersey, July 07, 2013

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Sometimes, some things are better left unsaid....

One day a girl, Sara, who was fifteen years old, came home from school in a very bad mood. She'd had a fight with her best friend that day and it hadn't turned out well at all.

"Sara!" her mom yelled. "What are you doing? You know to do your chores right when you get home! And you're late!"

"Coming, Mom!" Sara yelled, getting up and stomping towards the kitchen. "What?" she snapped as her mother gave her a stern look, annoyed.

"You'd better straighten up your attitude, young lady," her mom warned, "or you'll be grounded."

"Whatever." Sara began to throw around the dishes in the sink, trying to make as much noise as she possibly could. A plate cracked and cut her hand. Sara cursed.

"Sara!" her mom exclaimed. "How dare you use that language! Go to your room!"

"No!" Sara yelled, throwing down the towel she was using to wipe the blood off her hand.

"Do you want to say 'no' one more time and see what happens?" her mom asked. She looked furious.

"Sure," Sara said sarcastically. "No."

"How dare you!" Her mother slapped her.

Sara shrank back, staring incredulously at her mom. She had never hit Sara before.

"I HATE YOU!" Sara screamed before running out of the house.

"Sara, get back here!" her mom yelled, running after her.

"Leave me alone!" Sara screamed, running across the street. "I HATE YOU!" she screamed again. She continued running until she heard the sound of screeching tires and a scream. She turned around,hoping that it wouldn't be what she thought it would be....

People were crowding around Sara's mother, who was laying in the middle of the street, looking broken, bloody.

"NOOOO!" Sara screamed, running over and pushing through everyone to kneel by her mom. "Oh no, oh no...."

Her mom wasn't moving or breathing. She was gone. Sara tipped back her head and wailed to the sky, sobbing so hard it hurt.

She couldn't believe the last words she had spoken to her mother were "I hate you".

We all need to be careful how to react to our family, friends and loved ones when we get mad. Remember, when we tell people that we hate them, or any other rude thing, remember it might be the last thing you ever say to them.

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By riginal on July 08, 2013 at 05:19 am

A tragedy indeed Coach and unfortuneatly we've all been guilty but bringing up kids is so fraught with frustration in this modern era of "i want this and now without any argument" becomes just that...a battle of wills that can send "spur of the moment statements" in either direction. Something indeed to ponder by both parties...of the inmature and the mature trying to seek a compromise without heartache.

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By Barbara MacDonald on July 09, 2013 at 05:54 pm

Words actually can be weapons at very sad this is...Interesting too, because I actually had a conversation on the past weekend addressing this very issue...I suggested to them that they sign a contract to "walk away if they are too angry to be rational" ......why I suggested the contract is I know often putting something in writing will make it more real and hopefully help them get some control over this issue.

It is very sad when this goes to such a degree as to destroy a beautiful relationship or friendship...

"Words can heal or destroy" we all need to be more aware.

Thanks for sharing this Rich...such a good lesson in thsi story. It does make one think...

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