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Restaurant, Upper West Features Work of Imelda Healy July 14

Upper West (3321 Pico Blvd. in SM), holds an opening reception for artist Imelda Healy on Sunday, July 14th from 4:00pm to 7:00 pm.

The work of artist Imelda Healy will be featured in a solo show at Santa Monica Restaurant, Upper West on Sunday, June 14. Upper West has supported artists and showcased their work since it first opened.

Healy is from Ireland and moved to Santa Monica three years ago when her husband was offered a job as a writer on a television show. The artist started drawing and painting when she was just a child. Healy explains, "There were 7 in my family and scarcity was the norm, in my early school years there could be 55 or more children in each class, not much room for individual attention. I have two early memories about drawing. At five the little sacred heart nun asked us children to draw a picture of Jesus, of all the class response she remarked on my drawing, how it was the only image where the expression was solemn and dignified, all the others depicted simple smiley faces. Portraits have always been a passion."

This will be her first solo exhibition in a restaurant. I'm very excited about the show,” says Healy. “The fact that the work will be there for three months, giving pleasure to the people who come to relax and eat good food and enjoy in such an attractive environment.”

She is a founder member of the well-regarded Brunswick Mills Studios in Dublin and recently formed Berkeley Alley Studio in Santa Monica with four other women artists. Her portrait commissions hang in the National Librar of Ireland, private collectors include Paul McGuinness, the manager of U2; film director Neil Jordan; and Thom and Blythe Mayne among others.

Healy adores living by the beach in Los Angeles. “Tourists flock here, since the 19th century the beach at Santa Monica has been a pilgrimage for nature lovers. The allure of the Palisades has long history of enchanting the visitor,” says Healy. The artist came across an account from a tourist visiting Santa Monica in the 19th century. “In Santa is customary to throw yourself on the beach with studies carelessness and twirl the warm sparkling sand through your fingers.” Jenny Collier, a tourist in 1870.

The opening reception will be held at Upper West (3321 Pico Blvd. in SM), on Sunday, July 14th from 4:00pm to 7:00 pm.

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