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Step Light...

by Inmyredhead (writer), A beautiful west coast place., July 06, 2013

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MAXImum comfort + CHEAP = $1

... Or 'Heavy Flow', or 'Overnight' or even w/ 'Wings'. Or better yet, SCENTED!

Now now, Men... Don't go running for the hills. I mean, I don't really expect a guy to try using menstrual pads to comfort their feet, but you might want to pay attention just in case.

It's pretty simple really. A dense wad of cotton layered for comfort with built in moisture wicking? I'm just saying. Try it, you might like it.

This tip comes from a co-worker who has adopted this little idea for her own comfy tootsies. She was watching TV one day and someone said something about tired feet and how 'everybody' has to deal with it. One of the ladies on TV had said, 'Oh not me. I've solved that problem. Just go get yourself some dollar store pads and wear them in your shoes.'

Think about it. From the $ store you can get a pack of pads with anywhere from 16, to 24 pads. For a DOLLAR. Granted they aren't usually 'Always' or 'Stayfree' quality; they tend to be small, and aren't wrapped in those nifty little reclosable disposable discreet baggies. But your feet won't notice I promise. And it's actually probably better to have them be on the trimmer side.

So for a dollar you get, lets say, 16 pads. Depending on your personal comfort needs 16 pads, FOR A DOLLAR, can last AT LEAST 32 days if you change them out every other day. ( Oh Gawd I just did math in public... I must keep writing and resist the urge to double check my work. Why do I feel like there is a smart ass out there who is going to correct me on a technicality? I hate math.)

Anyhoo... where was I...?

Oh yeah, cost effectiveness of pads vs. inserts. Now- you can go buy all kinds of inserts that claim to fix all kinds of foot ailments, at all different cost ranges. And if you are lucky enough to KNOW exactly what your issue is, by all means... buy arch supports if you need arch supports. But I can't help you with whether the $6 ones will work as good or maybe only for a quarter as long as the $24 ones. (Again with the math!) I myself have purchased $3 air pillow type inserts and $16 'Three Zone' pain relief inserts. They work when they work. On good days. Which are probably days I'm not really having an issue in the first place. I've never been a 'brand loyal' type of person so I've tried all different kinds. And I still can't say, 'Oh, these ones work really well... better than those ones.' No matter what kind I've used they all feel good for a while. It just never lasts and never works 100% of the time. I'm not saying the pad trick promises all those things... ( and yes, I tried it. I walk around with menstrual pads in my shoes.) but what makes more sense: paying $16 for an insert that feels good for 30 days if you are lucky, or paying ONE DOLLAR for a bag of 16 cushy soft pads that last AT LEAST 16 days? 32+ if you aren't a princess. If "Comfort" is your need, you really should try it.

One thing I will say... I LOVE the convenient adhesive strip! My 'Three Zone' pain relief inserts are 3/4 length and I always have to reposition them, then hold them in place while simultaneously slipping my foot in. A pain in the arse. I never have to bother with the pads. At the risk of sounding like a Kotex commercial they are secured on every inch, side to side and stay in place like a dream.

And hey, at the very least, you will always be prepared, right?

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By riginal on July 07, 2013 at 09:16 am

inmyredhead i've been wearing them for years...but no-one said anything bout wearing them on my feet! You are a font of knowledge.Serious,ulcers on my feet i use melonin and pawa paw extract to soothe feet. Via diabetes. Guy that manufactured lotion in Australia just went broke with $20 mill missing taken by lawyer crook.The healing powers of paw paw are reknowned as you would know.Honestly you would find a use for a don't be rude! Your hide may get thicker as you age but your skin gets thinner,so anything helps. I will in future not put a foot in anything without thinking of your useful advice. A men? Anything to cushion your soul has to be heaven sent.I do not imply any humor as there's a time to be funny and a time to pad around with some decorum,a feat you have accomplished with much aplomb in my book.

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