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The Fire Worshippers

by Crowbar (writer), Los Angeles, June 03, 2007

The wonderful allure of the flame, the provider of warmth and protection from the elements, as it kept away the animals in the night and gathered people together so that one day we could destroy ourselves. With the current debates over global warming and creationism versus evolution, it is important that no matter what we believe, no matter what religion we follow, that underneath it all we have never given up the worship and dominance of fire in our lives.

However long we have been on this planet, we have failed to do one thing that every other animal is capable of doing and that is to adapt to our environment. We hail the concepts of evolution, but we failed to evolve ourselves into a being able to survive in a world that has a fragile ecosystem.

Through the use of fire, we allowed ourselves to gain warmth and protection, instead of growing fur and claws. By cooking our food, we stopped growing immunities to rancid animals and our digestive system changed to accommodate this new habit. With fire we developed weapons, knocked down forests, built homes, highways, cars, airplanes, computers, and filled this world with some much junk that now we have to find new ways to solve the problems we created.

Through fire we developed new ways of cooking, learned how to refine sugar and added to our foods in abundance. We roasted and broiled millions of animals, fried everything that ran, and what was left we would boil for glue or jello. Through all this, we now suffer from diabetes, obesity, and various levels of heart disease and intestinal damage from pounds of undigested meat sitting in our body.

Through our worship of fire, we travel in vehicles that worship fire, too. We travel to and fro, darting like busy bees off to do nothing really important other than get a grande latte and make sure no is looking for us on Myspace, all the while debating the truth about global warming, while the penguins surf on ice chunks in the latest Disney spectacular.

We are fire worshippers, prone to live and die from the very element that we have turned into a God, prone to wipe out the very world we live in one fire at a time or by just dropping hundred of nuclear bombs and frying everyone. We hardly ever put our bodies back into the ground for nature, but instead we cook them too. Everything goes back to the fire god.

Including our planet.

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By Schittzu on June 03, 2007 at 06:19 pm
I have come to believe that the increase of natural disasters is Mother Nature's method for birth control. If we won't stop what we are doing to destroy ourselves and the planet, she will stop us. I don't blame fire. I blame the wheel and Liquid White Out. I need fire but White Out won't come off the monitor screen. On second thought, wheels can be handy.
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