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Is going to jail a fashion statement for celebrities?

by Lakwyia (writer), rock hill, sc, June 03, 2007

Every now and then we may see a celebrity on television who has gotten into trouble and it always comes to mind if they are getting just what they deserve if the alternatives lead to jail time. For instance, what about Paris Hilton? Even though she will be going to jail soon, it seems to be not a big deal. Personally she is taking this pretty well as if she is going off on a vacation to the islands or something. What are these celebrities thinking? Do they believe that going to jail is a fashion statement for them? It shouldn't be. Celebrities should be treated like the regular people in this world. Let's face this seriously. People today who aren't celebrities but are in jail do not have personal bodyguards or any other special treatment going on for them. Remember the time when model, Naomi Campbell had to do community service? She had to look fabulous when she entered and left the building with her long dresses,bodyguards, and makeup. What was the reason for this? Nothing at all. Whether people are famous or not, it should not reflect an image for others to see any different. Everyone should be treated respectively, but normally. Yes, money make the world go round as the saying goes but don't let others think that going to jail is peachy or dilly dally. It is not that way at all. When celebrities are in and out of jail, others believe that carelessness plays a part on their behalf giving them the satisfaction of doing all the wrong things again because they feel they can. Judges, please make celebrities learn that going to jail is not cute but if they feel it is, one time of wearing that orange suit for all the world to see will make them feel totally different about things.

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