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Play Ball : 21 Million Hot Dogs Sold At Baseball Games

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Memorable Moments in Baseball History

American's favorite pasttime, baseball is one of the countries oldest traditions though do you know the events that have shaped modern baseball today?

It isn't your great-grandfather's game anymore. Modern baseball has been shaped by many events since the game was invented 200 years ago. Can you name them without looking at the graphic below?

Ok, you weren't around, and you didn't know that 21 million hot dogs are sold at baseball games each year. It's understandable, since most of us barely have enough time these days to remember our own cell phone number.

I'll start off with an easy question? "Do you know the year that the firtst official game of baseball was played?

Don't cheat! Write your answers down on a piece of paper.

Ok, got that one? Next question, "Do you know when the first pack of baseball cards was created?" Ok you may be thinking, who cares as it doesn't affect much? "Oh, really? Ask O.J."

Next question. This is an easy ONE. "In 1920 what was the cost of the average baseball ticket?" There's a clue in the question!

A few more questions and you'll know whether you truly are a afficianado of the great game.

"In what year was baseball broadcast on radio for the first time?"

Here's one you ought to know.

"What was the year that teams began wearing numbers on the back of their jerseys?"

Now for the most important question of all:

"In 2013, what was the cost of the most expensive hot dog at a baseball stadium?"

How did you do?


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2 comments on Play Ball : 21 Million Hot Dogs Sold At Baseball Games

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By riginal on July 01, 2013 at 09:50 am

The year the first baseball game was played? Two young lovers parked on a desert overlooking Las Vegas which hadn't been built yet.Young Babe had in his hand a 20 -year-old-hot-dog he had released from between his buns.. He was wacking his hot dog on the grille of his P-model ford. His very attractive italian girlfriend was eating pickles. Ruth threw a pickle at young Babe...he instinctively swung his bat the pickle was wacked out of bounds. So was their love life that night. Both ended up in a pickle. Babe,Ruth, went on to wacking an onion round the 'street of desire.' The onion peeled so badly it had to be stuffed and sewn up before each game. The hot dog was still used each match however until Ruth reasoned that baseball bat ingestion caused a splintered relationship when eaten. Thus the hot dog was no longer used for wacking her onions, just eaten. Hence the first willow bat came into being the substitute for a delicious after wack fest as a desirious doggie munch to reinvigorate another meat in at a later date. It became the norm for bun diversification. Although politicians continued to eat the wooden baseball 'onion' wacking bats because they seldom saw the wood for their knees. Most still can't see their hot dogs for their knees as they constantly raise the bar beyond their home runs...thus their vision is obscured by dollars and nonsense...and 'fat off the lambs' (the public) dining treats. If my memory serves me correctly the first wack of a bat plus 'onion balling' occured 5 mins after the pickle onion swap of 1845. The year of the inaugeration of the first hot dog to warm the hearts and buns of sportsmen and women.Babe Ruth became a legend as you well know. The pickle onion swap happened between seats in the outer regions of the dearer seats at half time. Back seat onion peeling was stitched up in the desert after dessert. These facts can be verified by reading "i was a hot dog werewolf in London until my onions were headbutted by a silly game called soccer that was glands free and not so saucy as to require buns or indeed got any young guns in a pickle because the British as a general rule "are not coming" preffering to bite their cods in the privacy of their own bed sitters...semi-detached of course." I rest my thesis upon base ball as a way to let off steam and to air any bat stroking/polishing between wacks.

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