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USA to Scrap $7 Billion in Military Equipment

by TonyBerkman (editor), Costa Rica, June 20, 2013

Instead of bringing the military equipment back to the USA, the government is in the process of scraping $7 billion worth of the stuff.

Forget about the actual cost of waging war in Afghanistan while the US economy falters, the US government has plants to scrap approximately $7 billion worth of equipment because the cost of shipping it back to the States is more than the military equipment is worth.

The military equipment includes about 2,000 hulking MRAPs or mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicles that cost $1 million each, reports the Washington Post. Instead of leaving the equipment there, the US will turn the excess equipmentinto scrap metal.

The natural question is why not leave it for the Afghan army? Amazingly, or perhaps not so, the Pentagon is concerned the Afghan forces won't be able to maintain it. Didn't we train them? I guess not on how to maintain equipment.

The US obviously has the option of donating the arms to allied nations, but this would require any recipients to pick it up and that's going to be to challenging to make happen before the 2014 withdrawal date. If you're in the scrap metal business this may be a great time to look for some sweet deals in Afghanistan. Call the Secretary of Defense to find out more.

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4 comments on USA to Scrap $7 Billion in Military Equipment

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By riginal on June 20, 2013 at 07:38 am

Tony,name me a war where they haven't done this? Absolute madness...but hey! What's a few billion in the overall scheme of military madness? Trillions wasted across America on simile 'downsizing'/ rationalization of the economy. Slap on the bot for the villians. Then 'welcome back Cotter' to the same sham and money skullduggery...same uni advice paid premium dollar to perpetuate the myth that "all's well that ends in hell." I really don't think the present President-although a nice guy-has the inherent strength/will power, to resist vested interests-and indeed-'private' wealth 'button pressing.' But like our outgoing to be Prime Minister the 'Punch and Judy' farce goes on with the 'string pullers' jerking everybody off to their political tune. Has it ever been any different in recent times. If i'm wrong then i'll give you one example."Mr President when is gun control in some form going to come into effect? Or are you afraid of shooting yourself in the foot with a "i'm in charge" political bullet?" Has America got anybody there in Congress with the balls and backing to do any better? To shovel the red tape bullshit aside and grab back the commonsense approach devoid of the wankers and self-serving schmucks? did i spell that right?). One can say "oh but we can get rid of them next time?" Will there be a next time? Our Prime Minister hasn't the in desperation she throws money away prior to her 'no hope' last-ditch effort at holding on to power. Problem being the opposition hasn't a clue either? Why not bring the billions of machinery tax dollars back. Melt the weaponry down into medallions. Present the medallions in the form of 'divers weights' round some necks and keep on adding until our wonderful leaders surface and say "enough!" Meantime the populace stands swamped up to their necks in incompetance...but HEY! We'll get 'em next time by golly...that's if the implosion left by the previous mob hasn't put a 'Titanic' monetary 'ice berg' hole in rationality that again can only be rescued by a few good men/women.With not enough monetary life-boats to go round.If i'm wrong shoot me! Everyone else in America seems to be under the political gun that fires political blanks. Can't cover the monetary bruises forever? Have a lovely day Tony and all. I'm not a respected political spokesperson. I'll leave it up to the uni-profs to sort it out and paddle/pedal the wheel of stupidity which wears a carnival-like, much-faded fascade that says,"the answer my friends is blowing in the wind!"Gosh,golly! don't be an alarmist, we'll get the buggers next time...or the time after that,or... I'm coming to Costa Rica. I'm going to start a weapons recovery salvage by monkeys...they work for peanuts.Isn't the average tax riddled shmuck (Congess unspoken 'side speak') doing just that?

1 don't be an alarmist

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By TonyBerkman on June 20, 2013 at 01:08 pm

true ... except for the alarmist part ... its just really the same old stuff

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By riginal on June 20, 2013 at 02:25 pm

Maybe the same old military/Congress staff carrying out the 'same old will of dills?' Ground up complaceny from the ground up? It's a wonder 'Chunky Boy' from North Korea hasn't put a bid in? He's got the mechanics, the money to maintain...the rage. And even if he just 'borrowed' them he's the type of despot that 'returns things' when he's/they're fired up? Maybe all that equipment could be turned into granny flats for metal head each tripshell collectors? Yep...really not worth talkin' about. What's really wrong with a good old 'stuff' pray Tell William? Sorry...Tony B good. The cocaine runners in Columbia are now using million dollar fully submersible subs for transportation of their three hundren or so million dollar produce each trip as you would already know if you watch 'Discovery'. And more people have been killed as a result of laid mines (to deter intruders in their jungle habitat etc) than have been killed in Irak. Same old same insane old stuff...or it sends you that way if you can afford it so i've heard. Nice old talkin' to you Tony have those 'salvage' monkeys i paid good peanuts to turned up yet, or have they gone bananas sitting around like shell shocked peanuts...same old stuff man...but in the end i guess one way or t other we all shell out. So i shall leave misery and discomfort where it belongs. At the same old same old ballot box of magic hicks. But life wouldn't be the same without change...or would it. Cheers Tony, same old "have a great weekend y'all" as Scorp would say. I dig rock n'roll music as opposed to 'abandoned' metallica left behind in Afghanistan...sorry Scorp! It's the noise man...that same old noise. But then who gives a stuff. Each to his bone of content. I think i'll grab a sub way, without the cocaine. Maybe a 'dot' hog if i can find a squealer to join the same old dots.

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By riginal on June 21, 2013 at 11:14 am

Hi my friend. Thanks for the comment. I believe that 'rich' really does not deserve a literal 'connection' alongside awesome. I don't believe the USA or any other country on the face of this earth deserves the moniker awesome. Awesome equates to something to be held in very high esteem...if you believe in God or a form of and you live that belief without carrying it to pendantic extreme and you care for your fellow man without being overburdened with the trappings of religion for the sake of shoring up 'your brand.' Then you're getting pretty close to what was intended to be. Sharing the load. Nature is awesome. Some don't hold her in awe until struck with her agony at the 'presumptious' ants we are scrabbling to placate and place 'bandaids' across her wounds caused by indifference. I bag our leaders out of humor. There are some very good people among them that are 'gagged' into conforming, by their rich and powerful counterparts or fellow decision makers. Bully boys who have no apparent agenda but to twist seek/bend that power for their own 'brand' of fulfilment and enrichment. They tire...put a 're' in front of that...and their deeds hang invisible in the halls of achievement. Remember those 'ant farms' you nutured as a kid? Are we similar? Running round trapped by the edges of farce. Then one day a few errant ants out of sheer curiosity escape to find find that their 'little' world is actually manufactured and controlled...their lives predetermined and busy in their own little self-centered paradise of confinement. Don't some of those frantic little 'bull' ants remind you of some of our near sighted leaders shoring up their nests of 'MY'achievment? The USA is rich in diversity and power...but more power to the people...a LOT more. The ultimate escape is harmony. Get on the bandwagon and enjoy and help each other. Me? i immerse myself in comedy, don't tell me there's no God or anything at's too dreadful to comprehend. For at the end of the day is life indeed not life at all but a dreadful joke perpetuated by our greed...not our need, to help whom we can? Wake up and smell the closeness. Maybe i'm wrong...but i sleep at bout you? I don't understand the last bit of your text but i'll convert it to, "if i were a rich man or country there's not a damn thing wrong with that. Just share it with others less fortunate who are trying their best." Or scrabble round in the human ant maze searching for a Nirvana of conscience instead of stopping and listening to it's heartbeat. Maybe i'm wrong? But are you so right? Rich out to others and spend a penny...or two. Have a great weekend everyone. Don't mind me...there's a giant hand minding us all so mind out if your mind dwells pon riches alone...because if you do that's where your wealth will reside. Must scrabble. But not over someone who needs a bit of a hand to venture out of the human ant maze.

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