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Take Note...

by Inmyredhead (writer), A beautiful west coast place., June 16, 2013

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Passwords, usernames, site keys, oh my!

Making mental notes? How's that working out for ya?

Perhaps with me it's just an age issue, but at some point, if you are doing it right, you won't know which password is for what site. It is good advice to change your passwords on a regular basis and to not use the same one for all your sites, but then it's easy to lose track of which one is for what. Often times signing up with a popular program requires that you open a new email account with that programs chosen mail server. Or you may choose to have a separate email for different uses. Whatever the case may be, it can be a BAD idea to use the SAME password for a number of programs. So if you are like me, in an effort to make it EASIER to remember, you might use the same base word, but add a number; change the spelling; capitalize differently, etc. And then after a few cycles of this you might figure it's safe to recycle. And then at this point, I'm so lost in a forest of passwords, sight keys and usernames that I'm spending hours trying to recover passwords of old. Which I only think are the new.

Yeah I could just hit 'Forgot Password' but that's only helpful when I remember my userID. Was it my email? Which email would I have used for THAT? I thought this site used nicknames. Did I spell it the same THIS TIME?

And repeat.

The best solution for me has been to buy myself a mini address book. The 'addresses' are of the internet kind. Simple notations like ID (for when that site uses a UserID for sign in) PW ( password), EM (for email) are used to denote the rest of the pertinent info for that site. These mini sized books can be placed just about anywhere you might need to tuck it to keep it near your computer area and yet not sitting out obviously. If you aren't sure you want a book of passwords sitting around you still have a few options. One, you can be somewhat cryptic by not putting the site under the obvious alphabet or name. For instance you might put your password for FaceBook under B and title it Book. Or N for Not My Space. This requires a bit of thought which can discourage curious eyes that make quick glances of your private information. The other option is to purchase a cheapo kiddie diary with a little key. They aren't as easy to hide, but not as necessary either since it's locked. Or, you could have TWO mini books. Keep one visible and readily available with not so private/sensitive passwords. Like your Joy of Cooking password. Then keep another with more private passwords, bank info etc tucked away more securely. Like behind the Monet or something.

I should mention that I came up with this mini notebook idea when both my husband and I kept forgetting the title of movie trailers that we liked. We rent a lot of movies and get our ideas of what to rent next by watching the trailers. But so many times it came down to the moment, standing there in the movie store, racking our brains. The video store owners... they just love it when you expect them to tell you the name of some random foreign film from the 80's lost vault of kitch simply by way of your amateur synopsis taken from a snippet's worth of recollection of a description of a movie whose title you can't recall.

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